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The Last Coaches

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Being a coach is a privilege, but it also comes with great responsibility. In my experience, I have witnessed the impact a coach can have on a player’s decision to continue playing a sport. As a coach, the goal should always be to inspire and motivate players to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, not all coaches live up to this ideal. In this article, we will explore the challenges faced by coaches and delve into the importance of creating a positive and supportive environment for athletes.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Coaching a team of talented players can be a rewarding experience. However, it requires more than just technical expertise. During one season, I had the opportunity to be the last coach for a group of players. They were a remarkable team, some of whom had the potential to play in college. However, despite their abilities, they decided to give up the sport.

The Role of Coaching

As I delved deeper into the reasons behind their decision, I discovered a common theme: their dissatisfaction with previous coaches. Stories of belittling, name-calling, and yelling were all too common. The negative experiences they had endured had taken a toll on their love for the game. It became clear that coaching methods play a crucial role in a player’s decision to continue playing.

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Building Trust and Respect

To gain the trust and respect of these players, I had to prove that I genuinely cared about their well-being and development. It was not enough to simply possess technical knowledge. I had to demonstrate my commitment to their success both on and off the court. Engaging with their personal stories, understanding their individual needs, and instilling a sense of camaraderie were all essential in establishing a positive coaching relationship.

Embracing a Positive Coaching Philosophy

As coaches, it is essential to embody passion and intensity while maintaining professionalism and respect. Players should never feel intimidated or belittled by their coaches. Instead, they should be inspired and motivated to be the best versions of themselves.

Continual Growth as Coaches

Coaching is a lifelong learning process. Just as we expect our players to grow, we must also strive to become better coaches every day. Utilizing available resources, such as CAP courses offered by USA Volleyball and newsletters like the Sidelines, can enhance our coaching abilities and knowledge. By continually seeking to improve, we can create lasting positive impacts on the athletes we coach.


Q1: How can coaches create a supportive environment for athletes?

A1: Coaches can create a supportive environment by building trust and respect with their players. It is crucial to instill a positive coaching philosophy that inspires and motivates athletes rather than belittling or intimidating them.

Q2: What role does coaching play in a player’s decision to continue playing a sport?

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A2: Coaching plays a significant role in a player’s decision to continue playing a sport. Negative coaching experiences can diminish a player’s love for the game and discourage them from pursuing further opportunities.

Q3: How can coaches continue to grow and improve their coaching abilities?

A3: Coaches can continue to grow and improve by taking advantage of resources such as CAP courses offered by USA Volleyball and newsletters like the Sidelines. By constantly seeking knowledge and striving to be better, coaches can positively impact the athletes they work with.


Being a coach is not just about technical expertise; it is about fostering a supportive and inspiring environment for athletes. Negative coaching experiences can have a lasting impact on a player’s decision to continue playing a sport. By embracing a positive coaching philosophy and continually seeking to improve, coaches can create a lasting positive impact on the athletes they mentor. Let’s strive to be the coaches that players remember fondly and inspire them to reach new heights in their athletic journey.

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