Wednesday, 29 May 2024

The Amazing Race Recap: Taxi Turmoil

Welcome to our second recap of The Amazing Race. In this episode, we continue to follow the journey of Maddison and Riley McKibbin, professional volleyball players, as they compete in the 2020 edition of the race. Filmed in 2018, this leg of the race takes place in Tobago. The teams face numerous challenges and unexpected twists, showcasing the importance of taxis and clear instructions.

The Importance of Taxis and Following Instructions

The teams gather at the goat racing facility in Tobago, where Team Catfish was eliminated in the previous episode. As the teams make their way to the airport, Riley confidently requests two tickets for Bogota, Colombia, the next destination. Bogota, known for its high elevation, presents a unique challenge for the racers.

Upon landing in Bogota, the teams head to the Nemocon Salt Mine. Here, they must search for hourglasses that will allow them to manipulate the race by forcing another team to delay their departure. Additionally, the teams must sign up for a specific time to leave the next morning.

Challenges and Alliances in the Salt Mine

As the teams descend into the mine, equipped with hard hats and head lamps, the tension rises. Each team scours the mine for hourglasses, hoping to secure an advantage in the race. The Married Parents and the Boyfriends are successful in finding hourglasses and sign up for the earlier departure time at 6 a.m.

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A Race Above Ground

The next morning, the teams face a new challenge at Templo Parroquial San Francisco de Asis. Here, they must climb the bell tower and retrieve a piece of “pre-Colombian art” or an emerald. After completing this task, the teams take taxis back to a plaza and university in Bogota.

Taxi Troubles and Decorated Trucks

As the teams struggle to find their way and hand over their treasures, some face setbacks with lost or unreliable taxi drivers. Team NFL, the first to arrive at the circus school, has the opportunity to use their hourglass to yield another team but chooses not to. Meanwhile, teams must decorate work trucks, unaware that they need to connect the plastic horns under the bumper—a detail that some teams fail to notice, causing delays and frustration.

The Finish Line

After overcoming their respective challenges, the teams make their way to Parque Nacional, the final destination for this leg of the race. The Married Parents arrive first, followed by Team NFL. The Beards, Smart Siblings, and Asian Cajuns also secure their positions in the race. Unfortunately, Team Olympians finish last and are eliminated.

In the next episode, the teams will venture into the Amazon, facing new obstacles and tests of endurance.


Q: What challenges did the teams face in this leg of The Amazing Race?
A: The teams encountered challenges such as searching for hourglasses in the Nemocon Salt Mine, climbing the bell tower to retrieve treasured items, and decorating work trucks with streamers and toys.

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Q: How did the teams handle taxi troubles?
A: Some teams faced issues with lost or unreliable taxi drivers, resulting in delays and frustration. Despite these setbacks, the teams persevered and continued with the race.

Q: Which teams were eliminated in this leg of the race?
A: Team Olympians finished last in this leg and were eliminated from The Amazing Race.