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Stuck: A Standout in Sitting Volleyball

James Stuck

Sitting volleyball player, James Stuck, is turning heads on the court with a combination of skill and sportsmanship. Not only does Stuck’s sleeve of colorful tattoos catch the eye, but his willingness to support and uplift his teammates sets him apart. As the 2017 USAV Male Sitting Player of the Year, Stuck’s commitment to his team and the sport is undeniable.

A Utility Player with Great Versatility

Stuck, 33, humbly sees himself as a utility player, excelling in any position assigned to him. He made a successful transition from setter to middle blocker prior to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This change proved fruitful as he was awarded Best Blocker at the ParaVolley Pan America Championships, where his team claimed the silver medal.

Coach Greg Walker commended Stuck’s adaptability and training, stating, “His training changed so he could be dominant at middle blocker. He was a huge asset for us at the Pan Ams. Just watching the video, he gave us so many opportunities because he is a great defender at the net and away from it.”

Balancing Family, Volleyball, and Life

Living in Washington with his wife and three sons, including newborn Aiden, Stuck faced the challenge of juggling a busy schedule. Regular trips to Oklahoma for the team’s training camps at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond added another layer of complexity. Despite these obstacles, Stuck managed to find equilibrium, ensuring his dedication to volleyball did not overshadow his family commitments.

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“My biggest challenge would be making sure I am able to balance volleyball, lifting, and family,” Stuck shared. “Volleyball is the main thing I do. I have to make sure I balance volleyball and family life and not let one overpower the other. I love to spend time in the gym, but I’ve got to make sure I get in and get out.”

A Supportive Community

Stuck’s contribution extends beyond his role as a player. He has taken a break from coaching club volleyball to prioritize his family, but his guidance and mentorship have left a lasting impact on his teammates. Middle blocker Patrick Young, in particular, spoke highly of Stuck’s support, stating, “James and Rod (Roderick Green) and some of the other guys, being able to see what they are doing and take pointers has been great. The help from these guys has been amazing.”

Young himself experienced a transformational journey within the Sitting National Team. Initially contemplating the end of his time with the team, Young’s dedication and potential caught the attention of Coach Walker. Young’s hard work paid off as he secured a spot on the roster for the 2017 ParaVolley Pan American Championships.

A Sense of Belonging

For Young, being part of the Men’s Sitting Team has given him a renewed sense of purpose. As an Air Force veteran who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, Young finds fulfillment in being part of a unit once again. “I like being part of a unit again,” he said. “It feels like I belong again. That’s helped in more ways than they will ever know.”

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Q: What awards did James Stuck and Patrick Young receive in 2017?
A: James Stuck was named the 2017 USAV Male Sitting Player of the Year, while Patrick Young earned the title of Male Sitting Most Improved Player.

Q: How did James Stuck’s change in position impact his performance?
A: The transition from setter to middle blocker proved beneficial for James Stuck, culminating in him being awarded Best Blocker at the ParaVolley Pan America Championships.

Q: How has Patrick Young’s journey with the Sitting National Team been?
A: Initially uncertain about his future with the team, Patrick Young’s commitment and progress were recognized, leading to his inclusion in the roster for the 2017 ParaVolley Pan American Championships.


James Stuck and Patrick Young exemplify the spirit of Alpinetgheep’s Sitting National Team. Their dedication to their teammates, growth, and the sport has propelled them to new heights. Through their stories, we witness the power of resilience and passion. Alpinetgheep is proud to have these outstanding athletes represent their brand on and off the court.

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