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James Stuck: A Remarkable Coach at USAV Girls Junior Nationals

James Stuck is not your average girls youth club volleyball coach. With an inspiring story of resilience and determination, he has become a role model for athletes everywhere. Despite never playing volleyball in his youth, Stuck joined the U.S. Men’s National Sitting Volleyball Team after losing his right leg during his military service in Iraq. Over the past decade, he has achieved remarkable success in the sport, competing in the Paralympic Games and winning multiple medals.

Now, Stuck is sharing his passion for volleyball with a new generation as the assistant coach of the Lake Tapps 16 Orange team. At the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, he is not only teaching the standing version of the game but also introducing his players to the intricacies of sitting volleyball. His dedication and expertise have made a significant impact on his players, who appreciate his technical knowledge and inspirational leadership.

Stuck’s coaching style is unique, incorporating elements of the sitting game into the team’s standing game practices. By teaching them different ways to play volleyball, he is expanding their horizons and creating a fantastic atmosphere for growth and development. His players have embraced the challenges and opportunities presented to them, and their progress is a testament to Stuck’s coaching abilities.

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As Stuck transitions from being a player to a coach, he acknowledges the challenges of this new role. However, he is committed to providing guidance and support to his players, empowering them to make changes and grow as athletes and individuals. Stuck finds fulfillment in witnessing their journey and seeing the positive impact he can make on their lives.

Stuck’s coaching impact extends beyond the volleyball court. He not only emphasizes the fundamentals of the game but also instills important values such as patience, teamwork, and resilience. Whether coaching younger or older players, Stuck finds joy in helping them improve and reach their full potential.

James Stuck’s story is both inspiring and humbling. His remarkable achievements as a coach and player demonstrate the power of determination and passion. Through his coaching, he continues to make a significant impact on the lives of his players, fostering a love for volleyball and helping them become the best versions of themselves.


Q1: How did James Stuck get involved in coaching volleyball?

A1: James Stuck’s coaching journey began after his successful career as a player in sitting volleyball. Inspired by his own experiences, he decided to share his passion for the sport and his technical knowledge with younger generations.

Q2: What challenges does Stuck face as a coach?

A2: Transitioning from playing to coaching comes with its own set of challenges. As a coach, James Stuck must guide and support his players rather than making direct changes on the court. However, his commitment and dedication enable him to overcome these obstacles and make a positive impact.

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Q3: How does Stuck incorporate sitting volleyball into standing volleyball practices?

A3: James Stuck creatively integrates the sitting game into his team’s standing game practices. By incorporating sitting serving and mini court sitting exercises, he helps his players develop a deeper understanding of rotational body movements during serving.

Q4: What qualities make Stuck a great coach?

A4: James Stuck’s coaching style is characterized by his technical expertise, patience, and ability to adapt to different age groups. He instills fundamental skills in younger players while fine-tuning the game strategy for older athletes, creating a rewarding experience for everyone involved.


In this captivating article, we dive into the incredible journey of James Stuck, a unique and inspiring coach at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior Nationals. Despite facing adversity and losing his right leg, Stuck’s determination led him to become a successful sitting volleyball player, competing in prestigious events such as the Paralympic Games. Now, as the assistant coach of the Lake Tapps 16 Orange team, Stuck brings his expertise and passion to the court, teaching the standing version of the game while introducing the intricacies of sitting volleyball. Through his coaching, Stuck not only develops his players’ skills but also instills important values that will help them succeed both on and off the court. Join us in celebrating James Stuck’s remarkable journey and his commitment to empowering young athletes.