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Beach HP Coach Loiola: A Legendary Induction into the Volleyball Hall

When it comes to beach volleyball legends, Brazil’s Jose Loiola stands out as one of the greats. Last month, he was honored with induction into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame, solidifying his place in the sport’s history. This achievement not only reflects Loiola’s personal success but also highlights the impact of the USA Volleyball Beach High Performance (Beach HP) program.

A Pillar of the Beach High Performance Program

Jose Loiola has been an integral part of the USAV Beach HP program since 2010, serving as a National Head Coach. His expertise, coaching philosophy, and international experience have consistently propelled junior and collegiate athletes to podium finishes. Loiola’s ability to develop elite talent and inspire athletes to push beyond their limits has made him a pillar of the program.

Building Success: A Legacy of Coaching Excellence

In 2017, Loiola, alongside Jeff Alzina and Marcio Sicioli, led the U.S. team at the FIVB U21 World Championships in Nanjing, China. Thanks to their guidance, American athletes Mima Mirkovic and Kathryn Plummer secured a bronze medal, showcasing the effectiveness of Loiola’s coaching approach.

Moreover, Loiola’s coaching prowess extends beyond the U.S. team. He previously coached beach volleyball icons Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor to an Olympic gold medal in 2012, and later guided Walsh Jennings and April Ross to a bronze in 2016. These accomplishments underline his ability to impart invaluable wisdom gained from his own time on the World Tour.

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A Well-Deserved Honor

Loiola’s induction into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame is a testament to his dedication and hard work. The honor bestowed upon him represents the recognition and appreciation of the sport. The award validates the countless hours Loiola has devoted to refining his skills and contributing to the development of beach volleyball.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Future Stars

Loiola’s passion for the sport is evident in his commitment to working with the USA youth programs. His desire to give back and pass on the knowledge he gained during his illustrious career drives him to train and fine-tune the skills of the country’s top young talents. By leveraging his experience, Loiola helps these athletes reach new heights and achieve their goals.

The Impact on Team USA

One team fortunate enough to benefit from Loiola’s expertise is the duo of Hughes and Claes. They enlisted his guidance earlier this summer, prior to the FIVB World Championships. Praising Loiola’s passion, energy, and coaching acumen, Claes expressed gratitude for having him on their team. His invaluable experience both as a player (with 55 professional victories) and as a coach adds immense value to their journey.

The Beach HP Program: Shaping the Future of American Beach Volleyball

The USA Volleyball Beach HP program has consistently attracted the sport’s best coaches and mentors. Their unwavering commitment to nurturing young beach players has yielded remarkable results. This prestigious program remains dedicated to preparing athletes for success on the international stage.

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Q1: How long has Jose Loiola been involved with the USA Volleyball Beach HP program?
Jose Loiola has been a National Head Coach for the Beach HP program since 2010.

Q2: What are some of Jose Loiola’s notable coaching achievements?
Loiola coached Mima Mirkovic and Kathryn Plummer to a bronze medal at the FIVB U21 World Championships in 2017. Additionally, he guided Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor to Olympic gold in 2012 and Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross to Olympic bronze in 2016.

Q3: How does Jose Loiola contribute to the development of young beach players?
Through his coaching and extensive experience, Jose Loiola helps young beach players refine their skills, exceed their limits, and reach new levels of performance.


Jose Loiola’s induction into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame is a testament to his remarkable career and contributions to the sport. His involvement with the USA Volleyball Beach HP program has been vital in shaping the future of American beach volleyball. With his expertise, passion, and commitment, Loiola continues to inspire and guide the next generation of athletes towards success on and off the sand.