Tuesday, 28 May 2024

You Will Be a Better Player if You Coach

Coaching is not only beneficial for players but also essential for their development. In this article, we will explore how coaches in the USA can incorporate coaching opportunities to enhance the talent and skills of young athletes, including those in youth and disabled programs.

The Impact of Coaching

When asked if coaches believe that players become better when they coach, the answer is almost always yes. However, it’s surprising to discover that most players rarely get the chance to coach throughout their junior programs. This is where our plea to fellow coaches and parents comes in.

Create Coaching Opportunities

We urge all coaches and high school programs to include coaching sessions in their practices. By involving both boys and girls in coed practices, you can open up endless possibilities for your teams. Not only will this help your players become better teachers, but it also prepares them for future coaching roles.

Promoting Community Involvement

For clubs with multiple teams, reaching out to local elementary schools, day care centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, PALs, YMCAs, and similar organizations provides an excellent opportunity to share knowledge. By guest coaching in their existing volleyball programs, your players can benefit from enhancing their teaching skills while giving back to the sport.

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Making Adaptations for All Abilities

It’s important to create an inclusive environment by accommodating younger and less skilled players. Whether it’s modifying the net height, playing on different courts, or engaging in sitting volleyball, there are numerous ways to cater to a diverse range of abilities.

Community Outreach

For larger clubs, consider dedicating specific weeknights for new kids to join and learn volleyball at no or low cost. By expanding your program to include more children, you create additional court opportunities while also providing a chance for experienced players to coach.

The Power of the Game

It’s essential to recognize that the game itself is an excellent teacher. Players learn best through active participation rather than passive observation. Encouraging a two-person game allows for a dynamic learning experience that enhances their skills and understanding of the sport.

Bringing Sitting Volleyball to the Forefront

Sitting volleyball follows international rules, including libero and rally scoring. The court dimensions are slightly different, but the essence of the game remains the same. By introducing sitting volleyball to your program, you can provide an inclusive environment and open up opportunities for players with disabilities.

Taking Action

We encourage you to reach out to local rehabilitation programs, such as Shriners Hospitals, and invite kids to participate in sitting volleyball. By adapting regular courts to accommodate sitting games, you can create a welcoming space for all athletes to enjoy the sport.

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In conclusion, incorporating coaching opportunities in club and high school practices is a win-win situation. Players not only become better athletes but also gain valuable teaching experience. Let’s come together as a community to foster the growth and development of young athletes through coaching.


Q: How does coaching benefit players?

A: Coaching not only enhances players’ skills but also helps them become better teachers themselves, fostering personal growth and providing an opportunity to give back to the sport.

Q: How can clubs involve younger players in coaching?

A: Clubs can connect with local schools and organizations to guest coach in their volleyball programs, creating a chance for younger players to learn and develop their coaching skills.

Q: What is sitting volleyball?

A: Sitting volleyball follows international rules and offers an inclusive environment for players with disabilities. By modifying court dimensions, it allows for a dynamic game that accommodates various abilities.


Coaching is a vital aspect of player development that should not be overlooked. By including coaching opportunities in club and high school practices, players can become better athletes and gain valuable teaching skills. This not only benefits the individual players but also contributes to the growth and advancement of the sport. Let’s embrace the power of coaching and create a community that supports and nurtures young athletes.