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Women’s Update: Jordan Thompson Sets NCAA Kill Record

Jordan Thompson

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Nov. 4, 2019) – Jordan Thompson, a standout player on the U.S. Women’s National Team, has achieved a remarkable feat during her senior season at the University of Cincinnati. Thompson broke her own Cincinnati and American Athletic Conference record with 50 kills in a single match, becoming the only player in the NCAA rally scoring era to reach this milestone. Her exceptional performance earned her the No. 4 spot on ESPN Sports Center’s Top 10.

Stellar Seasons for Collegiate Stars

Thompson is not the only collegiate player making waves this season. Dana Rettke, a middle blocker at the University of Wisconsin, and Mary Lake, a libero at Brigham Young University, have been instrumental in the success of their respective teams.

Dana Rettke

Rettke, who has already earned Big Ten Player of the Week honors three times this season, has propelled the University of Wisconsin to an impressive 16-4 record. With her outstanding performance, she has averaged 5.06 points per set, including 3.94 kills, 0.40 aces, and 1.27 blocks. Rettke’s remarkable contributions have helped the team secure a perfect 12-0 mark in the Big Ten.

Mary Lake

Lake, an integral part of the BYU team, has showcased her defensive prowess. With an average of 3.48 digs per set and only eight reception errors, she has been a vital asset in leading BYU to a 20-3 record this season. Lake is also closing in on the school record for career digs, with just 15 more to go.

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Impressive Performances Overseas

The talent of these collegiate stars extends beyond the NCAA. Several players are making an impact in professional leagues overseas. Notably, Jordan Larson, an outside hitter, is playing for Shanghai in the Chinese Super League, while Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, an outside hitter, and Tori Dixon, a middle blocker, are competing for Beijing Auto in the same league. Lauren Carlini, a setter, represents Dinamo Moscow in the Russia Super League and the European Champions League.

Continuing Excellence in International Play

Many of these players have also excelled on the international stage. Jordan Larson and Kelsey Robinson, both outside hitters, have represented Team USA in the Olympics. Larson has written about her mother’s battle with breast cancer and her own journey to strength in an article published by Refinery29. Robinson, on the other hand, aspires to inspire young women through sport.


1. How many kills did Jordan Thompson record in her record-breaking match?

Jordan Thompson recorded an incredible 50 kills in a single match, breaking her own Cincinnati and American Athletic Conference record.

2. What is Dana Rettke’s average points per set this season?

Dana Rettke has averaged 5.06 points per set this season, making her a crucial player for the University of Wisconsin.

3. Which leagues are Jordan Larson, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, and Tori Dixon currently playing in?

Jordan Larson is currently playing for Shanghai in the Chinese Super League, while Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Tori Dixon are competing for Beijing Auto in the same league.

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These collegiate and professional players continue to impress with their exceptional performances on the court. From 50-kill records to dominating in international leagues, they are proving their talent and dedication to the sport. As fans, we can look forward to witnessing these players’ future successes as they continue to excel in the volleyball world.