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Women’s U21 Team Clinches Gold at Pan American Cup

The U.S. Women’s U21 National Team achieved a remarkable victory at the Pan American Cup, defeating Argentina 3-1 (25-20, 21-25, 25-22, 25-14) in a thrilling match held at La Paz Arena in Baja California Sur.

This win marks the second time that the U.S. has claimed the prestigious title, with their previous triumph dating back to 2017. The outstanding performance of both the U.S. Women’s team (5-0) and Argentina (4-2) in this tournament has also secured their qualification for the upcoming 2023 FIVB U21 World Championship.

The U.S. team showcased their talent throughout the tournament, with standout performances from several players. Merritt Beason, the U.S. opposite, was honored with the tournament MVP award, while Chloe Chicoine was recognized as the Best Spiker.

Beason’s exceptional scoring ability shined brightly in the final match, contributing 17 points, including 14 kills and three blocks. Middle blocker Bekka Allick also made a significant impact with 14 points from 12 kills and two blocks.

Reflecting on the team’s success, Allick shared, “We approached the third set with determination after losing the second. Our focus was on working hard, controlling what we can, and supporting each other. We are a team of competitive, independent, and strong women who uplift one another. I always seize the opportunity when it comes my way, and we all have our moments. It’s incredible to be part of such a fantastic team.”

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The team’s libero and captain, Lexi Rodriguez, played a crucial role in defense, making 24 digs and 12 excellent receptions.

Throughout the match, the U.S. Women dominated in kills, recording 53 compared to Argentina’s 42. However, Argentina showcased their strength in aces and blocks, leading with 6-4 and 12-9, respectively. The U.S. capitalized on Argentina’s errors, scoring 30 points from their opponents’ mistakes while committing 21 errors themselves.

The U.S. team faced some challenges during the second set as Argentina intensified their serving and blocking. However, U.S. Head Coach Dan Fisher commended his players for their resilience, stating, “I think the players were feeling a little tense for a while, but we worked through it and settled down in our reception. We also got some nice energy from players coming off the bench and ended the fourth set playing good volleyball. Argentina is very good and put a lot of stress on us with their serves, but that’s what good teams do.”

Argentina took an early 5-0 lead in the third set, but the U.S. fought back, tying the score at 16-16 with three consecutive points from middle blocker Bre Kelley. The U.S. took control of the set after a serving run by Chicoine, leading 21-19 and securing the set without trailing again.

In the fourth set, the U.S. established an 8-6 lead during the first technical timeout and maintained their advantage until the end.

Other notable contributions came from Kelley, who scored 10 points with eight kills, one block, and one ace, and Chicoine, who added seven points with six kills and one ace. Mckenna Wucherer, Devin Kahahawai, Alexis Stucky, Norah Sis, Elia Rubin, and Rachel Fairbanks also made valuable contributions to the team’s success.

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The U.S. Women’s U21 National Team, led by Head Coach Dan Fisher, comprises a talented group of players from various regions and colleges.

As the U.S. Women’s U21 National Team celebrates their remarkable achievement, their sights are set on future competitions and further success in the world of volleyball.


Q: How many times has the U.S. Women’s U21 National Team won the Pan American Cup?
A: This victory marks the second time that the U.S. Women’s U21 National Team has claimed the title at the Pan American Cup. Their previous success was in 2017.

Q: Which players from the U.S. Women’s U21 National Team received individual awards in the tournament?
A: Merritt Beason was named the tournament MVP, while Chloe Chicoine received the Best Spiker award for their outstanding performances.

Q: What are the next steps for the U.S. Women’s U21 National Team after winning the Pan American Cup?
A: The U.S. Women’s U21 National Team’s victory in the Pan American Cup has secured their qualification for the upcoming 2023 FIVB U21 World Championship, where they will compete against other talented teams from around the world.


The U.S. Women’s U21 National Team emerged victorious at the Pan American Cup, defeating Argentina in a thrilling final match. This triumph marks the team’s second win in the tournament, showcasing their exceptional talent and teamwork. Led by standout players such as Merritt Beason and Chloe Chicoine, the U.S. team displayed a remarkable performance throughout the competition. With their qualification for the 2023 FIVB U21 World Championship secured, the U.S. Women’s U21 National Team sets its sights on further success in the world of volleyball.

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