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U.S. Women’s Sitting Team Shines in Exhibition Matches

Team USA

The U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball National Team displayed their dominance in two thrilling exhibition matches against Brazil and Russia. The team showcased their skill and determination, winning both matches in four sets. With their impressive performance, the U.S. team continues their unbeaten streak, now standing at 29 consecutive wins since 2018.

A Triumph Over Top Rivals

Facing tough competition from the third-ranked Brazil and sixth-ranked Russia, the U.S. team proved their resilience and came out on top. The matches, held in Denver as part of the Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifier, showcased the team’s ability to rise to the challenge and deliver outstanding performances.

Conquering Russia

In the first match against Russia, the U.S. team overcame a slow start and secured a hard-fought victory. Despite trailing 14-9 in the fourth set, the Americans rallied, scoring 16 of the final 23 points to seal the win. Katie Holloway led the charge with an impressive 15 points, including nine kills and six blocks. The team’s strong blocking game, led by Lora Webster with seven blocks, proved critical in their triumph.

Triumph Against Brazil

In the second match, the U.S. team showcased their depth and balanced scoring against Brazil. Five players reached double-digit scoring, with Webster, Holloway, and Jillian Williams leading the charge with 13 points each. The team’s strong serving proved crucial, with a 13-4 advantage in aces over Brazil. The U.S. team’s relentless attack and solid defense secured another well-deserved victory.

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Preparing for Paralympic Games

These exhibition matches serve as vital preparation for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Bethany Zummo, the team’s libero, highlighted the significance of playing against high-caliber teams, honing their skills and strategies for the ultimate competition. The U.S. team’s drive and commitment to excellence are evident in their performances, emphasizing their goal of becoming the best team possible.

Statistics Highlights

USA vs Russia

  • Points: Katie Holloway 15, Heather Erickson 13, Lora Webster 11, Monique Burkland Matthews 11, Jillian Williams 9
  • Kills: Heather Erickson 11, Katie Holloway 9, Monique Burkland Matthews 9, Jillian Williams 5, Lora Webster 3
  • Blocks: Lora Webster 7, Katie Holloway 6, Heather Erickson 2, Monique Burkland Matthews 2
  • Aces: Lexi Shifflett 3, Jillian Williams 3, Lora Webster 1

USA vs Brazil

  • Points: Lora Webster 13, Katie Holloway 13, Jillian Williams 13, Heather Erickson 10, Monique Burkland Matthews 10
  • Kills: Katie Holloway 11, Jillian Williams 9, Monique Burkland Matthews 8, Heather Erickson 7, Lora Webster 4
  • Blocks: Lora Webster 5, Kaleo Kanahele Maclay 3, Jillian Williams 2, Nicky Nieves 2
  • Aces: Lora Webster 4, Lexi Shifflett 2, Heather Erickson 2, Jillian Williams 2


Q: How long is the U.S. team’s win streak?
A: The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team has an impressive win streak of 29 matches since the start of 2018.

Q: Who are the standout players in these exhibition matches?
A: Katie Holloway, Lora Webster, and Jillian Williams delivered exceptional performances, consistently scoring double-digit points.

Q: Does the U.S. team have upcoming matches?
A: The U.S. team will face Russia again on Monday to conclude the Colorado Crossroads exhibition series.

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The U.S. Women’s Sitting Team’s back-to-back victories against Brazil and Russia demonstrate their unwavering dedication and remarkable skills. With their eyes set on the upcoming Paralympic Games, the team is determined to continue their winning streak and bring home the gold. Stay tuned for more thrilling performances from this exceptional team.

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