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Women’s Sitting Volleyball Draws Young Audience at Crossroads

The U.S. Women’s National Sitting Volleyball Team has been captivating audiences with their exhibition matches against Canada at the Colorado Crossroads junior national qualifier in Denver. This event has attracted junior club members who are eager to witness the skill and talent of these exceptional athletes.

Inspiring Junior Athletes

While taking a break from their own matches, junior club members have been flocking to Court E9 at the Colorado Convention Center to catch a glimpse of Team USA in action. Some have even been fortunate enough to watch the entire five-match exhibition series, schedule permitting.

After witnessing the U.S. Women’s team defeat Canada, AVA Texas 16 Rox took their appreciation for the sport to the next level. With guidance from U.S. Women’s Sitting Team Assistant Coach Jon Aharoni, the club members spent nearly 30 minutes on the Sport Court, immersing themselves in the intricacies of sitting volleyball.

“It was a little exhausting,” shared Shyia Richardson from AVA Texas 16 Rox, reflecting on her first experience with sitting volleyball. She discovered that the challenges lie in mobility and hitting the ball over the net. Richardson also expressed admiration for the speed and skill displayed by the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team.

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Teresa Garza, another member of AVA Texas 16 Rox, believes that her team can learn valuable lessons from this sitting volleyball experience, particularly in terms of communication and adaptability.

Embracing the Sitting Game

Garza recognizes the benefits of incorporating sitting volleyball into their regular training routine. “I think it is a good warmup game for us and helps us get moving and communicating,” she said.

The connection between the sitting and standing game is one of the key reasons why the partnership between the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team and Crossroads has flourished for over a decade. This collaboration allows both sports to coexist, benefiting the broader volleyball community.

Kay Rogness, the tournament director for the Colorado Crossroads, expresses her delight in having the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team participate in the tournament year after year. Their presence has become an integral part of the event. Rogness deeply values the sitting volleyball program and appreciates the opportunity to host them alongside the men’s sitting team.

Inspiring Future Players

Emma Schieck and Annie Flood, at ages 17 and 15 respectively, are the youngest members of the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team. They understand the importance of introducing sitting volleyball to a wider audience. Both Schieck and Flood play either club or high school standing volleyball, and they appreciate the chance to showcase sitting volleyball to new audiences.

“It is kind of cool seeing both sitting and standing volleyball at the same time,” Schieck shared. She acknowledges that being at this convention center setting and observing the sitting players has made her love the sport even more. She believes that if she had been exposed to sitting volleyball earlier, she would have become involved in it much sooner.

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Flood highlights the positive impact that sitting volleyball has on her standing game. She attributes her increased speed, higher jumps, and improved energy levels to her experiences in sitting volleyball. Additionally, Flood mentions that participating in sitting volleyball enhances her mental game, as it sharpens her reactions and mindset, which she can then carry over to the standing game.


How does sitting volleyball differ from standing volleyball?

Sitting volleyball has its unique rules and challenges. The key differences include the need for players to move from a seated position and find ways to hit the ball over the net.

Can sitting volleyball benefit standing volleyball players?

Yes, sitting volleyball can contribute to the development of skills, such as agility, speed, and mental focus. The cross-training between the two styles of play can have a positive impact on overall performance.

How can clubs incorporate sitting volleyball into their training programs?

Clubs interested in integrating sitting volleyball into their training can seek guidance from experienced coaches or even invite members of the U.S. Women’s Sitting Team to conduct workshops. This allows athletes to gain exposure to the sport and develop a greater understanding of its nuances.


The U.S. Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team’s presence at the Colorado Crossroads junior national qualifier has sparked excitement among young athletes and spectators alike. By showcasing their immense talent and dedication, the team has inspired a new generation to explore the world of sitting volleyball. The partnership between Alpinetgheep and Crossroads continues to foster the growth of this extraordinary sport, allowing it to reach more individuals and leaving a lasting impact on the volleyball community.

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