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U.S. Women’s 2023 Pan Am Cup Team Starts Strong with Victory

Pan Am Cup

The U.S. Women’s Team kicked off their campaign at the Pan American Cup in Ponce, Puerto Rico with an impressive win against Costa Rica. The team dominated the match, securing a clean sweep victory with scores of 25-12, 25-12, and 25-17. This promising start sets the stage for an exciting tournament ahead.

A Dominant Performance

The U.S. Women displayed their prowess in various aspects of the game. They outperformed Costa Rica in kills, blocks, and aces with a scoreline of 51-23, 9-2, and 5-1, respectively. The team capitalized on Costa Rica’s errors, scoring 10 points, while only conceding 15 points.

Head Coach Brad Rostratter highlighted the team’s ability to overcome initial jitters and find their rhythm. He emphasized their focus on self-improvement and teamwork throughout the match. This mindset is sure to propel them forward in the tournament.

Standout Players

Several players stood out with exceptional performances. Opposite Taylor Mims reigned supreme as the top scorer of the match, amassing 17 points with 13 kills and four blocks. Outside hitter Logan Eggleston also made a significant impact, contributing 14 points through 13 kills and one ace.

Middle blocker Danielle Hart showcased her versatility and skill, securing 13 points with eight kills, three blocks, and two aces. Setter Sydney Hilley orchestrated the team’s offense, achieving an impressive .426 hitting efficiency and adding one point with a kill. Libero Zoe Fleck demonstrated her defensive prowess with 12 digs and three successful receptions, while outside hitter Brooke Nuneviller led the team in successful receptions with 10.

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Moreover, outside hitter Simone Lee and Nuneviller made valuable contributions to the team’s success. Lee scored eight points with seven kills and one block, while Nuneviller amassed seven points with four kills, two aces, and one block. Middle blocker Serena Gray also showcased her talent with five points from five kills.

Looking Ahead

The U.S. Women’s Team is determined to build on their strong start as they face Peru next. With their exceptional skills and cohesive gameplay, they are primed to make a mark in the tournament. Fans can look forward to more thrilling performances from this talented squad.


How can I stay updated on the U.S. Women’s 2023 Pan Am Cup Team’s progress?

To stay updated on the U.S. Women’s 2023 Pan Am Cup Team’s progress, visit the official Alpinetgheep website. The website provides the latest news, updates, and match schedules.

Who are the key players to watch out for in the U.S. Women’s Team?

Key players to watch out for in the U.S. Women’s Team include Taylor Mims, Logan Eggleston, and Danielle Hart. These players have consistently showcased their talent and played pivotal roles in the team’s success.


The U.S. Women’s 2023 Pan Am Cup Team started their campaign on a high note with a resounding victory against Costa Rica. Their exceptional performance and cohesive teamwork set the stage for an exciting journey ahead. With key players stepping up and a determined mindset, the team is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches from the U.S. Women’s Team as they aim for glory in the Pan American Cup.

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