Monday, 27 May 2024

WNT Update: Winners of the Italian Cup

It has been an eventful week for the U.S. Women’s National Team players, both in the United States and overseas. Two teams, Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano and Türkiye’s VakifBank, competed for the Italian Cup. Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano emerged as the winners and went on to secure a victory against VakifBank in the CEV Champions Cup quarterfinals.


Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano claimed their fifth Italian Cup title on February 18th with a thrilling five-set win over Allianz Vero Volley Milano. The match saw impressive performances from players like Kelsey Cook, Kathryn Plummer, and Khalia Lanier. Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano has been on an unbeaten streak in league play, maintaining a perfect record of 20-0.

CEV Champions League

In the CEV Champions League quarterfinals, three out of the four matches took place on February 20th, and all three winning teams featured WNT athletes. Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano, with players like Kathryn Plummer and Kelsey Cook, secured a victory over Türkiye’s VafiBank Istanbul. Dana Rettke played a crucial role in leading Allianz Vero Volley Milano to a four-set win against Poland’s LKS Commercecon Lodz. Kayla Haneline and Allianz MTV Stuttgart, from Germany, also emerged victorious against Fenerbahce Opet Istanbul.


Q: Who won the Italian Cup?

A: Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano emerged as the winners of the Italian Cup.

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Q: Which teams competed in the CEV Champions League quarterfinals?

A: Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano, Allianz Vero Volley Milano, and Allianz MTV Stuttgart were the teams that secured victories in the CEV Champions League quarterfinals.


In a week filled with intense competition, Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano stood out as the winners of the Italian Cup. Their unbeaten streak in league play and victory in the CEV Champions League quarterfinals showcase their dominance in the sport. The U.S. Women’s National Team athletes have played a pivotal role in their respective teams’ success, displaying exceptional skills and contributing to memorable victories. This is just the beginning of an exciting season, and fans can look forward to more thrilling performances from these talented athletes. To stay updated with the latest news and matches, visit the official website of