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WNT Seeks Bronze at NORCECA Continental Championship

The United States Women’s National Team (WNT) is determined to secure the bronze medal at the highly anticipated 2021 NORCECA Continental Championship. After a challenging loss of 3-0 (25-16, 25-18, 25-20) against the Dominican Republic in the semifinal round, the WNT aims to bounce back and end the tournament on a high note.

A Lesson Learned from a Formidable Opponent

In the semifinals, the WNT faced a formidable opponent, the Dominican Republic, who showcased their experience with several players fresh from their recent Olympic Games participation. Head coach Joe Trinsey acknowledged the skill and expertise of the Dominican team, emphasizing that the USA players aspire to reach their level. Despite the loss, the WNT saw this match as an opportunity for growth and valuable lessons.

NORCECA Championship

The Pursuit of Victory: Bronze Medal Match

Looking ahead, the WNT is ready to face Canada in the bronze medal match. Taking place on Tuesday, August 31 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern/3:30 Pacific, this match presents a chance for the WNT to secure their 24th medal at the Continental Championship, a remarkable achievement that surpasses any other country’s record.

Notable Performances and Team Dynamics

In the semifinal match against the Dominican Republic, opposite player Roni Jones-Perry led the WNT with eight points, closely followed by middle blocker Rachael Kramer with seven points. Remarkably, nine American players contributed points to the team’s effort.

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A Rematch for Redemption

The upcoming bronze medal match against Canada offers an opportunity for redemption in a rematch of their pool A contest. The WNT emerged victorious in their previous encounter, winning in five sets on August 27. Outside hitter Kara Bajema displayed exceptional performance, leading the team with 14 points. Additionally, Cuttino and Lindsay Stalzer each contributed 12 points. The WNT is determined to replicate their previous success and claim the bronze medal.

Focus and Preparation

Coach Joe Trinsey emphasized the importance of regrouping and focusing on the upcoming match against Canada. Both teams are familiar with each other’s playstyle, making it crucial for the WNT to execute their game plan effectively, with particular attention to serve-pass strategies.

NORCECA Continental Championship: The Pursuit of Gold

While the WNT battles for the bronze medal, the Dominican Republic will face Puerto Rico in the gold medal match. Both matches will be available for live streaming online.


Q: How many medals has the USA won in the Continental Championship?
A: The USA Women’s National Team has won 23 medals in the Continental Championship, the highest tally among participating countries.

Q: Who is the head coach of the WNT?
A: The head coach of the WNT is Joe Trinsey.

Q: When will the bronze medal match take place?
A: The bronze medal match between the USA and Canada will take place on Tuesday, August 31 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern/3:30 Pacific.


The WNT’s journey in the 2021 NORCECA Continental Championship has been filled with challenges and valuable lessons. Despite falling short in the semifinals, the team remains determined to secure the bronze medal. With an unwavering focus, the WNT is prepared to face Canada in a rematch, aiming to replicate their previous victory. Stay tuned for an exciting match that showcases the skill and passion of the WNT.

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