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WJNT Advances to U20 Pan Am Cup Gold Match

The U.S. Women’s Junior National Team is on a winning streak as they make their way to the gold medal match of the U20 Pan American Cup. Despite facing challenges from Mother Nature, the team has displayed their determination and skill in their journey to qualify for the 2017 FIVB Women’s U20 World Championship.

A Hard-Fought Victory

In the semifinals against Cuba, the U.S. showcased their strength with four players reaching double-digit scoring. The match was intense, with a final score of 25-17, 25-23, 30-32, 25-20 in favor of the U.S. team. This win secured their place in the championship match.

A Path to the World Championship

The U.S. team, currently undefeated in the tournament, will face Argentina in the gold-medal match. Argentina, having already earned their spot in the World Championship, gifted the U.S. team their qualification by defeating Puerto Rico in the semifinals. This sets up an exciting showdown between the top teams from NORCECA and South America.

Highlights of the Match

In the first set of the match, the U.S. held a significant lead before a 45-minute delay caused by a power outage. Despite the interruption, the team stayed focused and clinched a 25-17 victory. In the second set, Cuba initially took the lead, but the U.S. made an impressive comeback, winning 25-23. The third set was a close battle, with Cuba ultimately winning 32-20 on their seventh set point. However, the U.S. bounced back in the fourth set, securing a comfortable 25-20 victory.

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Standout Performances

Thayer Hall, an outside hitter from Moore, South Carolina, led the U.S. team with 20 points, including 17 kills and three blocks. Regan Pittman, a middle hitter from Spring Hill, Kansas, contributed 14 points, while Khalia Lanier, an outside hitter from Scottsdale, Arizona, added 13 points. Mackenzie May, an outside hitter from Dubuque, Iowa, contributed nine kills and two aces, and Brionne Butler, a middle hitter from Kendleton, Texas, had seven kills and two blocks.

Coaches and Players Proud of Team Effort

Head Coach Jerritt Elliott expressed his pride in the team’s performance, emphasizing their composure and execution throughout the match. The team displayed mental toughness, fighting off tough challenges from Cuba. The players also expressed their excitement and readiness for the upcoming finals.

Looking Ahead

The U.S. team will face Argentina in the gold-medal match, which promises to be an intense and highly anticipated showdown. The U.S. players are eager to continue their strong performance and secure their qualification for the World Championship.


Q: When is the U20 Pan American Cup gold-medal match?
A: The gold-medal match between the U.S. and Argentina will take place on [date and time].

Q: How can I watch the U20 Pan American Cup matches?
A: The matches are [broadcasted/streamed] on [platform/channel].

Q: Who are the key players to watch out for in the gold-medal match?
A: Thayer Hall, Regan Pittman, and Khalia Lanier are some of the standout players to watch in the gold-medal match.

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The U.S. Women’s Junior National Team’s journey in the U20 Pan American Cup has been filled with victories and challenges. Their determination and exceptional performance have brought them to the gold-medal match, where they will face Argentina in an exciting showdown. With their eyes set on the World Championship, the team is ready to give their all and make their mark on the international stage.

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