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West coasters dominate at USAV Collegiate Beach Championships

USAV Collegiate Beach Championships

At the recent USA Volleyball Collegiate Beach Championships, California schools stole the show, claiming five out of the six top spots on the podium. The competition showcased the talent and skill of collegiate beach volleyball players from around the country.

A Golden Win for New Pairing

In the men’s division, an exciting new pairing emerged victorious. Lucas Yoder from USC and Michael Saeta from UC Irvine displayed exceptional teamwork and technique, securing the gold medal with a convincing victory over UCLA’s Jackson Bantle and Hagen Smith. The match showcased the immense potential of these rising stars in the sport.

All-USC Showdown in the Women’s Final

The final match of the women’s division witnessed an all-USC affair, pitting Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes against their NCAA teammates Terese Cannon and Nicolette Martin. Claes and Hughes displayed their dominance and skill, ultimately emerging as the champions after a hard-fought battle.

Impressive Performances from Up-and-Coming Teams

While the West Coast schools dominated the podium, teams from all over the country showcased their talent and determination. Georgia State’s Delaney Rohan and Chelsea Ross exceeded expectations, finishing in fourth place after facing off against powerhouses like Pepperdine and USC. The event provided an opportunity for teams to prove their worth and demonstrate the growth and accessibility of the sport.

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A Platform for Collegiate Volleyball

The USAV Collegiate Beach Championships not only showcased the top talent in collegiate beach volleyball but also served as a platform to support and promote the sport. The event brought together athletes from different schools, allowing them to compete at a high level and inspire future generations of volleyball players.


Are the USAV Collegiate Beach Championships exclusive to California schools?

No, the championships are open to collegiate volleyball student-athletes from across the country. The dominance of California schools on the podium simply reflects the strong volleyball culture and training programs in the state.

How can I participate in the USAV Collegiate Beach Championships?

To participate in the championships, athletes must be collegiate volleyball student-athletes (indoor/beach) or within one year removed from graduation.


The USAV Collegiate Beach Championships showcased the remarkable talent and dedication of collegiate beach volleyball players. California schools demonstrated their prowess, but teams from all over the country proved that the sport is flourishing and accessible. The event served as a celebration of the growth and potential of collegiate beach volleyball.

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