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Volleyball Canada’s Perspective on USAV Beach Athletes

Volleyball Canada

Volleyball Canada recently sat down with members of the beach volleyball team to get their take on their American counterparts. The players, Heather Bansley, Sam Schachter, and Sam Pedlow, shared their thoughts on various hypothetical scenarios posed by USA Volleyball. This friendly exchange took place during the Long Beach Presidents Volleyball Cup, an exhibition event featuring teams from the USA, Canada, and six other countries.

Stranded on an Island: Who Would You Choose?

When asked who they would want as a companion if they were stranded on an island, the Canadian players had some interesting choices. Sam Pedlow selected Nicole Branagh for her comedic relief and wily nature. Sam Schachter opted for Jake Gibb, citing his survival skills. However, Pedlow changed his answer to John Hyden, impressed by Hyden’s survival abilities. Heather Bansley chose Nick Lucena, recognizing his resourcefulness. The conversation was filled with laughter as the players discussed each athlete’s strengths on the island.

Long Flight: The Ideal Seatmate

Considering a long flight, the players pondered who they would want to sit next to. Pedlow and Schachter agreed that they would avoid blockers and chose Sara Hughes for her interesting personality. Heather Bansley jokingly suggested that sleeping through the flight was the best option. Pedlow humorously imitated John Hyden, suggesting that he would teach them survival skills in case of a plane crash. The banter continued as the players debated the pros and cons of choosing a seatmate.

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Beach Volleyball Partner: Who Would You Play With?

When it came to choosing an American partner for beach volleyball, the Canadians had different strategies. Pedlow believed that playing with a double big ball and partnering with Theo Brunner would be advantageous. Schachter leaned towards playing with Phil Dalhausser, despite the challenges of facing every serve. Bansley preferred a big blocker and decided on Kerri Walsh Jennings as her ideal partner. The players respected each other’s choices and acknowledged the strengths of their potential partners.

Best American City to Play In

Reflecting on their experiences, the Canadian players shared their favorite American cities to play in. Pedlow mentioned Fort Lauderdale, Cincinnati, and Long Beach as the cities he had competed in. Schachter found Texas and Atlanta too hot but enjoyed California. Pedlow expressed his love for a local restaurant, Super Mex, in Long Beach, emphasizing its significance to him. Bansley favored Fort Lauderdale, and Pedlow playfully sang about Snoop Dog’s song, highlighting the memorable experiences they had in Long Beach.

Ping Pong Partner: The Ultimate Competitor

In the final question, the players were asked who they would choose as their American partner in ping pong. Schachter quickly decided on Jake Gibb, praising his exceptional skills. Pedlow considered Rosey (Sean Rosenthal) and Theo Brunner, who were rumored to excel in ping pong. Bansley regarded Rosey as an all-around athlete. Pedlow humorously debated between Nick Lucena and Rosey, ultimately choosing Casey Patterson for his unorthodox style and mental fortitude. The players engaged in light-hearted conversations about the strategy behind doubles ping pong.

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Q: What event did the interview take place at?
A: The interview occurred during the Long Beach Presidents Volleyball Cup, an exhibition event featuring teams from the USA, Canada, and six other countries.

Q: Who did Heather Bansley choose as her beach volleyball partner?
A: Bansley chose Kerri Walsh Jennings as her ideal partner.

Q: What was Sam Pedlow’s favorite American city to play in?
A: Pedlow enjoyed playing in Long Beach and had a fondness for a local restaurant called Super Mex.


The conversation between Volleyball Canada’s beach volleyball team and USA Volleyball provided insights into the players’ perspectives and allowed them to showcase their knowledge of their American counterparts. Through light-hearted banter and humorous exchanges, the players shared their choices for hypothetical scenarios. This interaction highlighted the camaraderie between athletes in the volleyball community and their mutual respect for each other’s skills and abilities.

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