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Volleyball Bingo: A Fun and Productive Game for Players

Volleyball bingo is an engaging game that was invented by our U.S. coaching staff in 2013 to help our national team players enhance their focus during practice. This game not only offered a unique challenge but also served the purpose of reinforcing the specific areas we were working on. The emphasis was placed on the process of playing well rather than solely on the scoreboard.

How does Volleyball Bingo work?

Coaches create a set of index cards with different tasks written on them, each task corresponding to a recent focus in practice. The players can also have the opportunity to choose the tasks, allowing them to take ownership of their training process. For example, a task could involve executing a tip, setting the ball, and scoring a kill on that play. Another task may involve running a slide in transition across the court and securing a kill after the middle blocker moves to the left to block.

Teams then pick a certain number of cards, depending on the desired number of goals to be included. The game can be scored in any way the players prefer, but it’s important to note that the winner is not determined by simply reaching a score of 15 first. The winning team is the one that successfully completes their bingo goals while reaching a score of 15. This game creates an element of surprise as neither team is aware of the other team’s tasks. However, during a timeout, coaches may ask the players what they think the opponent is trying to accomplish, encouraging them to be more alert and aware of their opponent’s strategies.

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Using Bingo in a Match

Volleyball bingo quickly became a favorite among our team and we even started utilizing it during actual tournaments. In one particular tournament, we recognized a significant advantage in the middle position against a specific opponent. Our bingo goal was to secure four kills in the middle during every set of the match. Although we didn’t achieve this in the first set, we managed to improve our passing and our setter, Courtney Thompson, delivered some quick sets for kills. The team’s energy soared as we achieved our goal of two kills. The excitement continued as we earned another kill on a quick, reaching 23 points. Ultimately, we won the game on yet another quick at 24 points. The celebration that followed surpassed the typical post-game celebration, reflecting the satisfaction our team felt after working together to accomplish a bingo goal. Winning the game was certainly a great outcome, but what we appreciate most about volleyball bingo is that it alleviates pressure from the players and rewards their efforts in playing well. Ultimately, our focus on specific goals allows the score to take care of itself.


Q: How do the players choose the tasks for volleyball bingo?
A: Coaches create a set of index cards with different tasks related to recent practice focuses. The players can either pick the tasks themselves or the coaches can assign them. This allows the players to take ownership in the training process.

Q: Does volleyball bingo help players become more aware of their opponents’ strategies?
A: Absolutely! Although neither team is aware of the other team’s tasks, coaches may ask players during timeouts what they think the opponent is trying to accomplish. This encourages players to be more alert and observant of their opponents’ strategies.

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Volleyball bingo is a game that was developed by our U.S. coaching staff to help our national team players improve their focus and enhance specific skills during practice. This game allows the players to actively participate in their training process by choosing or being assigned tasks related to recent practice focuses. The game is played with the objective of completing the assigned tasks while reaching a score of 15. Volleyball bingo has proven to be a successful and enjoyable training tool, even being implemented in actual tournaments. It not only reduces pressure on players by rewarding the process of playing well but also encourages them to be more attentive to their opponents’ strategies. By incorporating volleyball bingo into their training sessions, players can elevate their performance and achieve their goals on the court.