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USC Dominates USAV Beach Collegiate Challenge

The University of Southern California (USC) showcased their dominance at the annual USA Volleyball Beach Collegiate Challenge, emerging victorious in both their dual match-ups and the pair’s bracket over the weekend.

Seven schools participated in this year’s tournament, including Concordia, Long Beach State (ranked 6th), Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine (ranked 1st), San Francisco, UCLA (ranked 4th), and USC (ranked 2nd).

In the team duals on Saturday, USC, ranked second, swept Loyola Marymount 5-0 in their opening match. They then secured a thrilling 3-2 victory over top-ranked Pepperdine later in the day. Notably, the match between the third pairs, featuring Nicolette Martin and Allie Wheeler from USC against Skylar Caputo and Corinne Quiggle from Pepperdine, went to three sets, with USC emerging as the winners (19-21, 21-14, 15-8).

Pepperdine managed to secure one win in the dual challenge by sweeping Long Beach State 5-0 in the tournament opener. UCLA also performed exceptionally well, winning both their duals without dropping a match, defeating San Francisco and Long Beach State. Loyola Marymount had a mixed day, losing to USC but bouncing back with a 3-2 victory over Concordia. Concordia, on the other hand, lost both their duals, including a 5-0 defeat to San Francisco.

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The pair brackets took place on Saturday and Sunday, featuring teams from UCLA, LMU, Concordia, Long Beach State, San Francisco, and USC. USC’s top team of Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes clinched the gold bracket title, defeating their teammates Sophie Bukovec and Alexa Strange with a convincing score of 21-9, 21-12. In the silver bracket, Sammee Thomas and Kobi Pekich from Long Beach State emerged victorious, while USC’s Wheeler and Martin secured the silver medal, and UCLA’s Karly Drolson and Rachel Inouye took home the bronze. USC dominated the bronze bracket, with Jo Kremer and Zoe Nightingale claiming first place, Emily Young and Becca Dunn finishing second, and Katrina Kernochan and Terese Cannon defeating Long Beach State for third place.


Q: Which teams participated in the USA Volleyball Beach Collegiate Challenge?
A: The tournament featured seven schools: Concordia, Long Beach State, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, San Francisco, UCLA, and USC.

Q: How did USC perform in the team duals?
A: USC swept Loyola Marymount 5-0 and secured a thrilling 3-2 win over top-ranked Pepperdine.

Q: Did any other teams perform exceptionally well in the duals?
A: UCLA won both their duals without dropping a match, defeating San Francisco and Long Beach State.

Q: Who emerged as the champions in the gold bracket of the pair brackets?
A: USC’s top team of Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes clinched the gold bracket title.


USC displayed their dominance at the USAV Beach Collegiate Challenge, emerging as the top team in both the dual match-ups and the pair’s bracket. Their victories against Loyola Marymount and top-ranked Pepperdine showcased their skill and determination. UCLA also had a remarkable performance in the duals, securing wins against San Francisco and Long Beach State without dropping a match. The pair brackets saw USC’s top team, Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes, claim the gold bracket title. The tournament was a display of impressive talent and competitive spirit, with teams from various schools showcasing their skills on the beach court.

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