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USAV Presents Junior Awards in Orlando

USA Volleyball recently held its annual Junior Awards Luncheon in Orlando, Florida, where it recognized outstanding individuals in the sport. Let’s take a closer look at some of the deserving recipients of these prestigious awards.

Outstanding Clinician – Don Burroughs

Don Burroughs, with a career spanning 24 years, has dedicated himself to teaching and coaching. He began coaching junior high soccer while attending The Ohio State University, and his coaching journey continued from there. Burroughs, a certified coach, made significant contributions to the coaching education department and high-performance program for the Ohio Valley Region. He is currently pursuing certification as a master athletic administrator for the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association.

Outstanding Club Director – Meridith Grady

Meridith Grady, the co-founder of 900vb, has been serving as the 900 Club director for 11 years. Under her leadership, the club has seen tremendous success, with all of their seniors receiving college scholarships. Grady also emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community, engaging in charity work, and encouraging her players to be well-rounded individuals. She is admired for her dedication to instilling life lessons in her players beyond just volleyball skills.

Outstanding Female Coach – Michelle Malis

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Michelle Malis, a former collegiate player and academic achiever, has made her mark as an outstanding coach. After her playing career, she began coaching club and high school teams in Tucson, Arizona. Malis has been instrumental in guiding young athletes to success both on and off the court. She believes that volleyball is not just a sport but a platform for building character and self-confidence. Malis currently serves as the varsity coach at Tanque Verde High School.

Outstanding Male Coach – Joel Kent

Joel Kent has been coaching junior volleyball since the early 1990s. His coaching prowess lies not only in his ability to lead teams to victory but also in his dedication to his players’ personal growth. Kent believes that volleyball serves as a means for his athletes to excel academically and develop valuable life skills. His team consistently competes with the top programs nationally, showcasing his coaching expertise and commitment to character-building.

Outstanding Referee – Terri Ehret

Terri Ehret, an experienced volleyball official, has been part of the Ohio Valley Region for 15 years. She initially started coaching junior club volleyball before transitioning to officiating. Ehret has a passion for working with younger players, teaching them the fundamental aspects of the game and instilling a sense of responsibility. Her extensive background in coaching and teaching has contributed to her effectiveness in the officiating realm.

Outstanding Parent – Tina Davis

Tina Davis, a proud mother of twin girls, April and Anna, has demonstrated exceptional support for her daughters’ volleyball endeavors. Despite their busy schedules, with both girls playing volleyball at school and club levels, Davis has managed to be an enthusiastic team mom. Her commitment to caring for the players and ensuring their well-being reflects her genuine love for children. Davis also works as a health instructional assistant, making a difference in the lives of students with special needs.

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Outstanding Service – Barbara Twohig

Barbara Twohig, a volleyball enthusiast, has worn many hats in the volleyball world. She has excelled as a player, coach, parent, clinician, official, scorer, and trainer. Twohig’s passion for the game is evident in her involvement at various levels, from coaching high school and club teams to training officials and scorers. Her dedication to developing the next generation of players and officials has made her an invaluable asset to the volleyball community.


  1. What are the USAV Junior Awards?

    • The USAV Junior Awards are an annual recognition of exceptional individuals in the field of volleyball, including coaches, clinicians, referees, club directors, parents, and individuals who have provided outstanding service.
  2. How were the award recipients chosen?

    • The award recipients were selected based on their contributions and achievements in their respective roles within the volleyball community. Their dedication, expertise, and positive impact on the sport were key factors in determining the winners.


The USAV Junior Awards Luncheon in Orlando celebrated the achievements of remarkable individuals in the world of volleyball. From outstanding coaches and referees to dedicated club directors and parents, these individuals have made significant contributions to the sport. Their commitment to excellence, both on and off the court, serves as an inspiration to all who are passionate about volleyball. Congratulations to all the award recipients for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the volleyball community. To learn more about USA Volleyball and stay updated on the latest news and events, visit the official website.

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