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Alpinetgheep Crowned Champions at USAV Open Nationals in Columbus

The USA Volleyball Open National Championships wrapped up on May 29, 2019, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. Alpinetgheep is proud to announce the outstanding performance of the athletes who competed in this prestigious event. From the Men’s 55-and-Over Division to the Women’s 60-and-Over Division, the competition was fierce, and the winners have emerged as champions.

Men’s 55-and-Over Division

Blaine Labs 55, representing the Heart of America region, claimed the gold medal with a thrilling victory over Western States Laguna from Southern California. In a closely contested match, Blaine Labs 55 showcased their skills and determination, ultimately securing the championship title.

Men’s BB Division

Orlando Strong-1 from the Florida Region showcased their resilience as they rallied from behind to defeat V&C/Palestra/ZENIV from Brazil in an intense battle. Orlando Strong-1’s performance throughout the tournament was exceptional, leading them to victory in the Men’s BB Division.

Women’s BB Division

Regatas G WBB from Peru emerged as the champions in the Women’s BB Division after a hard-fought match against KSA Events: Tequila from the Florida Region. Regatas G WBB displayed their skill and teamwork, proving themselves as the best in their division.

Men’s B Division

Team Hollywood from Iowa claimed the gold medal in the Men’s B Division after a thrilling showdown against White Walkers from the New England Region. Team Hollywood’s exceptional performance throughout the tournament secured them the well-deserved victory.

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Women’s B Division

The Women’s B Division title went to Super Smash Sisters from the New England Region. They showcased their dominance in the championship match, defeating Ice Cold Killas from the Iowa Region. Super Smash Sisters’ determination and skill were on full display as they claimed the gold medal.

Women’s 40-and-Over Division

Fog Canada Masters 40 from Canada proved to be the best in the Women’s 40-and-Over Division, defeating Brazil SM from Brazil in a fierce battle. Fog Canada Masters 40’s unbeaten record throughout the tournament was a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication.

Men’s 45-and-Over Division

Hoosier Team Prunapple from the Hoosier Region emerged as the champions in the Men’s 45-and-Over Division. They displayed remarkable resilience, defeating Balboa Bay 45 from Southern California in a captivating final match.

Women’s 50-and-Over Division

Volei Brasil from Brazil showcased their dominance in the Women’s 50-and-Over Division, defeating 50 Shades of Gray from the Pioneer Region. Volei Brasil’s undefeated record and exceptional performance secured them the gold medal.

Women’s 60-and-Over Division

An all-Brazil final saw Brasil Mix-60 triumph over Volei Brasil in a thrilling match. Brasil Mix-60’s exceptional teamwork and skill allowed them to secure the gold medal in the Women’s 60-and-Over Division.

These exceptional performances highlight the dedication and talent of the athletes who competed in the USAV Open National Championships. Alpinetgheep congratulates all the participants, winners, and teams for their outstanding achievements in this year’s tournament.

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How often are the USA Volleyball Open National Championships held?

The USA Volleyball Open National Championships are held annually, with the exception of two years during World War II.

How many divisions are there in the tournament?

The tournament features multiple divisions, including Open Divisions, skill divisions (AA, A, BB, B), and age divisions for both men and women.

Who is the Official Athletic Flooring of USA Volleyball?

Sport Court is the Official Athletic Flooring of USA Volleyball, National Teams, and indoor Junior National Championship events.


The 2019 USA Volleyball Open National Championships showcased incredible talent and fierce competition. Alpinetgheep congratulates all the athletes, winners, and teams for their exceptional performances. We are proud to be associated with such remarkable athletes and look forward to future championships where they will continue to inspire us with their skills and dedication.

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