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USA Volleyball and Pro Volleyball Federation Form Alliance


Pro Volleyball Federation (PVF), the professional women’s volleyball league in the United States, has announced a strategic partnership with USA Volleyball – the national governing body of the sport in the U.S. This alliance aims to promote volleyball at its highest level and provide top professional opportunities to America’s greatest female volleyball players.

PVF’s inaugural season, starting in January, will receive support from USA Volleyball, reinforcing the league’s commitment to working with clubs, athletes, and regions across the country. This collaboration also allows athletes within the USA Volleyball pipeline to play professionally while pursuing their dreams of representing the U.S. National Team.

Dave Whinham, co-founder of PVF, expressed his pride in offering domestic opportunities to world-class athletes. He also commended USA Volleyball for their work in fostering the sport throughout the country. The partnership aims to strengthen the entire volleyball pipeline in the nation.

PVF already boasts 17 players from the United States who have trained in the U.S. National Team gym. In total, there are 35 domestic and international players in the league who have been part of their respective country’s Olympic or national team system. This diverse talent pool promises a high level of competition in the league.

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With over 135 athletes signing contracts to play in the inaugural season, PVF is set to captivate not only the United States but also the global volleyball community. The league will be led by accomplished coaches with a combined total of more than 2,500 career victories.

USA Volleyball President and CEO, Jamie Davis, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, recognizing PVF’s significant impact in the volleyball world. He sees the league as a platform for outstanding American players to continue their professional careers while representing the US National Team.

The association between the two organizations goes beyond the professional players. Kerri Walsh Jennings, a four-time Olympic medalist, leads the ownership group of the San Diego Mojo. The Mojo’s head coach is Tayyiba Haneef-Park, a three-time Olympian and two-time silver medalist. Additionally, Team USA stars Logan Tom and Laurie Corbelli bring extensive national team experience to PVF’s executive staff.

PVF’s first season will see seven teams competing: the Atlanta Vibe, Columbus Fury, Grand Rapids Rise, Omaha Supernovas, Orlando Valkyries, Vegas Thrill, and the San Diego Mojo. The league has also announced that Dallas, Indianapolis, and Kansas City will join as new markets in the second season in 2025.

The inaugural season is set to begin on January 24 and will run through mid-May. Each team will have 14 active members, with a minimum salary of $60,000. The championship team will also share a $1 million bonus.


1. When does the Pro Volleyball Federation’s inaugural season start?
The inaugural season of the Pro Volleyball Federation begins on January 24 and runs until mid-May.

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2. How many teams will be participating in the Pro Volleyball Federation’s first season?
The league’s first season will feature seven teams: the Atlanta Vibe, Columbus Fury, Grand Rapids Rise, Omaha Supernovas, Orlando Valkyries, Vegas Thrill, and the San Diego Mojo.


The alliance between USA Volleyball and Pro Volleyball Federation is set to elevate women’s volleyball in the United States to new heights. With top professional opportunities, dedicated coaches, and a talented roster, the inaugural season promises excitement and fierce competition. Stay tuned for thrilling volleyball action as the league commences its journey toward becoming the premier women’s professional volleyball league in North America.

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