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Updated USAV International Transfer List

USA Volleyball has recently processed 366 international transfer certificates for the 2018-19 season, allowing United States citizens to compete in professional volleyball leagues around the world^1^. This represents an increase of 90 certificates since October 8. Throughout the winter months, additional transfers, including members of the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams, will be processed.

Women’s Transfers

On the women’s side, athletes have transferred to play in 33 different countries. Germany has attracted 43 players, followed by France with 37 players, England with 22 players, Italy with 21 players, and Switzerland with 18 players^1^. This indicates a growing interest in volleyball across the globe.

Men’s Transfers

Similarly, U.S. male athletes will be playing in 26 different countries. Germany is leading the way with 24 athletes, followed by England with 21 athletes^1^. The increasing number of international transfers demonstrates the global reach and appeal of professional volleyball.

Record-Breaking Season

In total, 37 different countries will feature U.S. athletes participating in the 2018-19 club season^1^. This includes an impressive record of 435 international transfers processed by USA Volleyball for the 2017-18 season. These numbers reflect the continued growth and popularity of volleyball worldwide.

International Transfer Certificate

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To transfer from one National Federation to another and play in professional leagues, athletes are required to obtain an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) as mandated by the FIVB^1^. This mandatory requirement ensures that all National Federations follow the established procedure outlined in the FIVB Sports Regulations (2013) Section 45.3. It promotes fair play and enables athletes to explore opportunities abroad.


  1. What is an International Transfer Certificate (ITC)?

    • An ITC is a mandatory requirement for athletes to transfer from one National Federation to another, allowing them to compete in professional volleyball leagues in foreign countries.
  2. How many international transfers were processed for the 2018-19 season?

    • USA Volleyball has processed 366 international transfer certificates, enabling U.S. citizens to compete in professional leagues worldwide.
  3. Which countries have attracted the most U.S. female athletes?

    • Germany leads with 43 players, followed by France (37), England (22), Italy (21), and Switzerland (18).
  4. Where are U.S. male athletes playing this season?

    • Germany has the most U.S. male athletes with 24 transfers, followed by England with 21 transfers.
  5. How many countries will feature U.S. athletes in the 2018-19 club season?

    • A total of 37 countries will have U.S. athletes competing in professional volleyball leagues.


The USAV International Transfer List for the 2018-19 season demonstrates the global reach and growth of professional volleyball. With 366 international transfer certificates processed, U.S. citizens will have the opportunity to compete in various countries around the world. Germany and France have emerged as popular destinations for U.S. female athletes, while Germany and England have attracted U.S. male athletes. This record-breaking season reflects the increasing popularity of volleyball worldwide. To ensure a smooth transfer process, athletes must obtain an International Transfer Certificate, complying with the established procedure outlined by the FIVB.

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