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U21 Women Dominate at Pan Am Cup

The U.S. U21 Women’s National Team made a strong start at the 2023 Pan American Cup, securing a victory in their first match of the tournament. The team showcased their skills and determination, defeating Guatemala with a resounding 3-0 win (25-8, 25-13, 25-14) in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Despite the initial delay caused by volcanic activity, the U.S. team remained unfazed and ready to dominate in pool play. They set the tone for the match with a powerful defensive presence at the net. Libero Lauren Briseño led the team with impressive digs, accounting for five out of a total of 17. Middle Gabi Essix contributed significantly to the team’s victory with her five blocks, enabling the U.S. to maintain a 12-2 blocking margin over Guatemala. Essix emphasized the team’s defensive mindset, which had been a key focus during their training sessions and preparation for the tournament.

Not only did Essix showcase her defensive prowess, but she also led the scoring with 13 points and eight kills. Her impressive kill percentage of nearly 70 mirrored the team’s overall outstanding performance. Essix received strong support from opposite Devin Kahahawai and outside hitter Mckenna Wucherer, both contributing five kills each.

The U.S. team also excelled in the serving department, securing an 8-3 advantage in aces. Setter and captain Rachel Fairbanks played a crucial role, delivering two aces alongside outside hitter Chloe Chicoine.

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As a team, the U.S. capitalized on their opponents’ errors, scoring 21 points from their mistakes. Head coach Dan Fisher expressed his satisfaction with the team’s level of control during the first few sets of the tournament. He commended their ability to maintain pressure on their opponents and prevent them from going on any big scoring runs.

The U.S. U21 Women’s team is scheduled to face the Dominican Republic next at 6 p.m. PT. Stay tuned for more exciting matches and exceptional performances from these talented athletes.


Q: Are there any upcoming matches for the U.S. U21 Women’s National Team at the Pan American Cup?

A: Yes, the U.S. U21 Women’s National Team has a match against the Dominican Republic scheduled for 6 p.m. PT.

Q: Who were the standout players in the U.S. team’s victory against Guatemala?

A: Gabi Essix showcased her exceptional skills both defensively and offensively, leading the team in points and kills. Lauren Briseño displayed impressive defensive prowess with her excellent digs.


The U.S. U21 Women’s National Team started their campaign at the Pan American Cup with a dominant victory against Guatemala. They displayed superb defensive skills, led by libero Lauren Briseño and middle Gabi Essix. The team’s strong blocking game and powerful attacking allowed them to secure a 3-0 win. Head coach Dan Fisher expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance and their ability to maintain control throughout the match. The U.S. U21 Women’s National Team will continue to showcase their talent as they face the Dominican Republic next. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches and exceptional performances from these talented athletes.

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