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U.S. Women Win Bronze at Pan Am Cup

U.S. Women Win Bronze

The U.S. Women’s Volleyball Team showcased their skills and teamwork at the Pan American Cup, securing a well-deserved bronze medal. The competition held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic witnessed a sensational performance by Micha Hancock, who set a new single-match serving record. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable victory.

Micha Hancock’s Record-Breaking Performance

Micha Hancock, hailing from Edmond, Oklahoma, stole the show with her exceptional serving skills. She recorded an astonishing 12 aces on 31 serving attempts, surpassing her own previous record of 11 aces. This outstanding performance not only contributed to the team’s victory but also showcased Micha’s prowess as a player. Alongside her serving prowess, she also displayed her versatility by contributing two blocks and a kill, accumulating a total of 15 points in the match.

Stellar Contributions from the American Squad

The U.S. Women’s Team displayed remarkable synergy and skill throughout the match. Megan Courtney, from Dayton, Ohio, led the American offense with 10 kills. Carly Wopat from Santa Barbara, California, and Taylor Simpson from Colorado Springs, Colorado, also made significant contributions with seven kills apiece. Rhamat Alhassan, an impressive player from Glenarden, Maryland, showcased her talent with five kills, five blocks, and an ace, accumulating a total of 11 points.

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Dominant Performance and Defense

After a slow start in the first set, the U.S. Women’s Team swiftly shifted gears, neutralizing Cuba’s offense with an astounding 17 team blocks. This strategic play allowed the team to take control of the match and secure their victory. Justine Wong-Orantes, from Cypress, California, anchored the team’s defense with nine digs, providing crucial support in denying Cuba’s attacks. The American squad demonstrated exceptional teamwork and coordination, paving the way for their success.

Service Line Dominance

The U.S. Women’s Team showcased their dominance at the service line, tallying an impressive 20 aces compared to Cuba’s two. This remarkable statistic highlights the team’s skill and strategic execution. Their exceptional serving not only earned them valuable points but also put immense pressure on their opponents. The American squad’s proficiency at the service line played a vital role in their victory.

The Journey to the Bronze Medal

Although the U.S. Women’s Team fell short of the gold medal this time, their journey in the Pan American Cup was remarkable. They faced tough competition, including a semifinal defeat by Puerto Rico, but their determination and resilience led them to secure the bronze medal. This accomplishment adds to their already impressive record at the Pan American Cups, having won gold at three of the last four tournaments.


Q: Who set the new single-match serving record at the Pan American Cup?

A: Micha Hancock from Edmond, Oklahoma set the new record with 12 aces.

Q: Which players made significant contributions to the U.S. Women’s Team?

A: Alongside Micha Hancock, players like Megan Courtney, Carly Wopat, and Taylor Simpson played crucial roles in securing the bronze medal.

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Q: How did the U.S. Women’s Team dominate the match?

A: The team’s exceptional defense, dominant presence at the service line, and remarkable synergy were integral to their victory.


The U.S. Women’s Volleyball Team’s bronze medal victory at the Pan American Cup is a testament to their skill, determination, and teamwork. Micha Hancock’s record-breaking performance and the outstanding contributions from the entire squad propelled them to success. With their eye-catching display of athleticism and strategic play, the U.S. Women’s Team has once again proved their mettle on the international stage.