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U.S. Women Shine in Pan Am Cup Victory over Trinidad & Tobago

U.S. Women's National Team

The U.S. Women’s National Team demonstrated their dominance in a strong performance against Trinidad & Tobago during the Pan American Cup Pool B. The American team achieved a convincing 3-0 victory, winning each set (25-14, 25-15, 25-13). This win solidifies their unbeaten record in the tournament.

Rising Stars Lead the Way

Led by the impressive performance of outside hitter Roni Jones-Perry, Team USA showcased their talent and potential. Jones-Perry accumulated 14 points, including 12 kills from errorless attacks and a vital block and ace. Danielle Cuttino, the opposite player, also contributed significantly with 12 kills and a block, totaling 13 points. Their exceptional play proved instrumental in securing victory for Team USA.

Jones-Perry expressed her joy in representing the USA, stating, “Tonight’s match was fun. It was good to be on the court wearing the USA jersey and playing next to the girls on the team.” The positive energy on the court was palpable, with the team embracing trust, communication, and a shared sense of purpose.

A Historic Debut

This match marked a significant milestone for Team USA, as all seven starters made their international tournament debut. Head coach Rob Browning praised the team’s remarkable performance, stating, “All seven of our starters tonight made their international debut with the senior national team, and they did not disappoint in any way.” Browning also commended the team’s dedication and preparation leading up to the event. The future appears bright for these talented athletes as they embark on what promises to be successful careers representing the USA.

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Contributing to Victory

The contributions from other key players also played a crucial role in the team’s success. Outside hitter Kathryn Plummer displayed her skills, garnering 10 kills and a block for 11 points. Middle blockers Brionne Butler and Jenna Rosenthal showcased their defensive prowess, with Butler recording three blocks and an ace, while Rosenthal added one block and one ace. Setter Madison Lilley facilitated the team’s offense effectively, while libero Gabby Curry displayed exceptional defensive ability.

Commanding Performance

Team USA’s dominant play was evident in the statistics as well. Lilley orchestrated the team to an impressive 63% kill rate and a remarkable .507 hitting efficiency. The American defense stifled Trinidad & Tobago, limiting them to a mere 27% kill rate. The team’s blocking was particularly noteworthy, leading to a 9-3 advantage in blocks. The Americans outperformed their opposition in both kills (45-15) and blocks (9-3).

Despite the comprehensive victory, the team remains focused on continuous improvement. Jones Perry acknowledged their strong blocking and efficient offense but acknowledged the need to further enhance their serving skills.


The U.S. Women’s National Team showcased their potential and depth in a resounding victory over Trinidad & Tobago in the Pan American Cup. The team’s youthful energy, combined with their exceptional talent, propelled them to success. With their historic debut and remarkable performance, Team USA continues to elevate women’s volleyball.


Q: How did the U.S. Women’s National Team perform in the Pan Am Cup match against Trinidad & Tobago?
A: The U.S. Women’s National Team delivered a commanding performance, winning all three sets against Trinidad & Tobago.

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Q: Who were the standout players for Team USA?
A: Roni Jones-Perry and Danielle Cuttino stood out with their exceptional performances, accumulating a total of 26 points.

Q: Did Trinidad & Tobago put up a fight?
A: Although Trinidad & Tobago put up a valiant effort, Team USA’s dominance was evident throughout the match.

Q: What were the key statistics from the game?
A: Team USA outperformed Trinidad & Tobago in kills (45-15), blocks (9-3), and hitting efficiency (.507-.036).

Q: What does this victory mean for Team USA?
A: This victory solidifies Team USA’s unbeaten record in the tournament and demonstrates the promising future of women’s volleyball in the United States.