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U.S. Women Show Incredible Comeback against Netherlands

The U.S. Women’s National Team displayed a remarkable comeback as they rallied past the Netherlands in an exhilarating five-set match. With opposite Annie Drews leading the charge with 24 points and outside hitter Kelsey Robinson serving five aces, including two crucial ones in the deciding set, Team USA saved two match points to secure a thrilling victory.

Ranked third in the world, the American squad now stands at 11-3 overall with 32 points in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League. They will wrap up the preliminary phase against Thailand, which promises to be an exciting matchup. Fans can catch the action live on the official website of

Earlier this week, the U.S. secured their spot in the VNL Finals by defeating Russia. They joined Brazil, China, and Italy as teams with an 11-3 record. With their hard-fought win over the Netherlands, Team USA demonstrated their resilience and determination.

The match against the Netherlands was a rollercoaster ride, with intense momentum swings in every set. The U.S. started strong, breaking a tie in the opening set to take a commanding lead. However, the Netherlands fought back and claimed the next two sets, putting Team USA on the brink of defeat. But just when it seemed all hope was lost, the American players dug deep and turned the tide in their favor, ultimately emerging victorious.

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Annie Drews was the standout performer for the U.S., delivering a stellar performance with 20 kills and four blocks. Mikaela Foecke also made significant contributions with 18 kills, while Chiaka Ogbogu showed her prowess with 11 kills and two aces. Kelsey Robinson played a vital role, particularly with her serving, as she notched five aces and eight kills. Tori Dixon and Carli Lloyd also made valuable contributions to the team’s success.

Carli Lloyd’s exceptional setting skills played a crucial role in the team’s success, allowing the U.S. to achieve a 43% kill percentage and an impressive .301 hitting efficiency. The Americans’ strong defensive play limited the Netherlands to a 38% kill percentage and a .246 hitting efficiency.

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, known for her exceptional skills as an outside hitter, took on a different role in this match and played her first-ever international match as a libero. She showed great adaptability and was instrumental in the team’s success, providing solid reception and contributing 11 digs. Mikaela Foecke and Kelsey Robinson also showcased their defensive prowess with 14 and 12 digs, respectively.

In each scoring category, the U.S. held a slight edge over the Netherlands, recording more blocks, aces, and kills. This well-rounded performance was essential in securing the victory.

The U.S. Women’s National Team showcased their resilience, adaptability, and teamwork in this thrilling match against the Netherlands. They overcame countless obstacles and displayed unwavering determination, a testament to their strength as a team.


Q: How did the U.S. Women’s National Team secure their spot in the VNL Finals?
A: The U.S. Women’s National Team secured their spot in the VNL Finals by defeating Russia earlier this week.

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Q: Who were the standout performers for Team USA?
A: Annie Drews led the charge with 24 points, while Mikaela Foecke and Chiaka Ogbogu made significant contributions with 18 kills and 11 kills, respectively. Kelsey Robinson played a vital role with her serving, contributing five aces.


In a thrilling match against the Netherlands, the U.S. Women’s National Team displayed an incredible comeback, securing victory in a five-set battle. With Annie Drews leading the charge and Kelsey Robinson’s exceptional serving, Team USA saved two match points and emerged triumphant. This hard-fought win solidified their spot in the VNL Finals and demonstrated their resilience and determination as a team. The U.S. showcased their skills and teamwork, providing fans with an exhilarating display of volleyball prowess.