Sunday, 14 Jul 2024

U.S. Women Impress in Opening Olympic Victory


The U.S. Women’s National Team made quite a statement in their Olympic debut, showcasing their skill and determination as they triumphed over Argentina with a resounding 3-0 victory at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo. Despite the absence of spectators due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the team managed to generate their own energy and keep the momentum going.

A Promising Start

Ranked number one in the world, the U.S. Women’s team displayed their dominance from the very beginning. Led by Opposite Jordan Thompson, who scored an impressive 20 points, the team showcased their focus and determination. Thompson emphasized the importance of maintaining calm energy throughout the match, especially with the added pressure of competing in the Olympics without the support of fans.

Stellar Performances

Alongside Thompson, other players shone brightly on the court. Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, an Olympic rookie, contributed 12 points with her powerful kills and well-placed aces. Meanwhile, experienced three-time Olympian Jordan Larson displayed her skill with 10 points, showcasing her versatility in both offense and defense.

Strong Support from the Bench

The U.S. Women’s team also demonstrated their depth and versatility with the contributions of their substitute players. Setter Jordyn Poulter and backup Micha Hancock provided excellent assistance in setting up plays, leading to a remarkable .400 hitting efficiency for the team. Annie Drews also made an impact when she entered the game as a substitute and scored a point.

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Solid Defense

Justine Wong Orantes, the team’s libero, showcased her exceptional defensive skills with six digs and nine successful receptions. Middle blockers Foluke Akinradewo Gunderson and Haleigh Washington proved to be formidable forces at the net, combining for a total of 12 points.

Overcoming Challenges

The U.S. Women’s team demonstrated resilience in the face of unexpected circumstances. Head Coach Karch Kiraly praised the team’s ability to adapt to a slower pace of play, acknowledging that they were initially prepared for a faster tempo. Despite Assistant Coach Erin Virtue’s absence, the team remained focused and united.

Looking Ahead

With their impressive victory against Argentina, the U.S. Women’s team has set the tone for their Olympic campaign. Their next match against China promises to be another exciting showdown. Stay tuned for updates on, where you can find live streams and broadcast information.


  1. How did the U.S. Women’s National Team perform in their opening Olympic match?

    • The U.S. Women’s National Team delivered an exceptional performance and secured a 3-0 victory over Argentina in their first Olympic match.
  2. Who were the standout players for the U.S. Women’s team?

    • Jordan Thompson stood out with an impressive 20-point performance, followed by Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Jordan Larson, who contributed 12 and 10 points respectively.
  3. How did the team handle the absence of spectators?

    • Despite the lack of spectators, the U.S. Women’s team created their own energy on the court and remained focused throughout the match.


In their opening match of the Olympics, the U.S. Women’s National Team showcased their dominance and determination with a convincing 3-0 victory over Argentina. Led by standout performances from Jordan Thompson, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, and Jordan Larson, the team demonstrated their strength both offensively and defensively. Despite the unique circumstances of competing without spectators, the team remained focused and united. With this impressive start, the U.S. Women’s team is poised for further success in the upcoming matches. Stay tuned for more thrilling Olympic volleyball action.

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