Thursday, 23 May 2024

U.S. U19 Beach Teams Start Strong at Worlds

The U.S. U19 beach teams had an impressive start on the first day of the FIVB U19 World Championships in Dikili, Türkiye. Going 5-0 in main draw pool play, the teams showcased their skills and determination.

Girls Teams Shine on Day 1

The U.S. girls teams of Myriah Massey/Ashley Pater and Sophie Kubiak/Bailey Showalter delivered outstanding performances. Massey/Pater, seeded second, and Kubiak/Showalter, seeded 32nd, each won two pool play matches.

Pater, reflecting on their 2-0 win over Ukraine, said, “‘Look good, feel good, play good.’ This quote helped me during this match. Wearing USA gear is something not everyone gets to experience. Having the opportunity to be in this uniform makes me feel good and ready to perform to my max.”

Massey, after their 2-0 victory against Bolivia, expressed her excitement, saying, “It feels good to win. We are looking forward to tomorrow and the days to follow.”

Boys Team Shows Promise

Ayden Keeter and Tread Rosenthal, the boys team, seeded 11th, also had a victorious start, winning their game against Japan with a score of 2-1. Keeter commented on their performance, saying, “That was a good starting game. We didn’t play well in the first set, but we made adjustments and came out on top in the third set. I am looking forward to playing these other countries and seeing their playing styles and adjusting to them. Every country plays a little bit differently.”

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Pool Play and Future Matches

Both the girls and boys teams are competing in pools consisting of four teams. The top three ranked teams from each pool will advance to the Round of 24. Pool play will conclude on Friday.

The upcoming matches include Keeter/Rosenthal USA vs Ramiro Sancer Marcos/Ezequiel Gonzalez ARG and Keeter/Rosenthal USA vs Timo Hammarberg/Tim Berger AUT for the boys’ team. For the girls’ team, there will be matches between Kubiak/Showalter USA vs Lia Berger/Emma Hohenauer AUT and Massey/Pater USA vs Annika Berndt/Janne Uhl GER.

Matches are being livestreamed on

U.S. Team Composition

The U.S. U19 Beach Team comprises talented athletes from various regions across the country. The girls’ team consists of Sophie Kubiak, Myriah Massey, Ashley Pater, and Bailey Showalter. For the boys’ team, the roster includes Caleb Blanchette, Thomas Hurst, Ayden Keeter, and Tread Rosenthal.


Q: How did the U.S. U19 girls teams perform on the first day?
A: The U.S. U19 girls teams had an excellent start, winning two pool play matches each.

Q: What quote inspired the players during their matches?
A: The players were motivated by the quote “Look good, feel good, play good” during their matches.

Q: Who is on the U.S. U19 boys team?
A: The U.S. U19 boys team is composed of Caleb Blanchette, Thomas Hurst, Ayden Keeter, and Tread Rosenthal.


The U.S. U19 beach teams made a strong impact on the opening day of the FIVB U19 World Championships. The girls’ teams, led by Myriah Massey/Ashley Pater and Sophie Kubiak/Bailey Showalter, displayed exceptional skill and determination. The boys’ team, consisting of Ayden Keeter and Tread Rosenthal, also showed promise. With pool play underway, the teams are eagerly preparing for future matches. Livestreams of the matches are available on The U.S. U19 Beach Team showcases the talent and potential of young athletes from across the country.

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