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U.S. Men’s Trio Makes History by Winning the First Beach ParaVolley Event

Beach ParaVolley Event

The U.S. men’s trio of Eric Duda, Dave Newkirk, and Chris Seilkop achieved a remarkable victory at the inaugural Beach ParaVolley World Series Tour event in Pingtan, China. This historic win showcased their veteran expertise and determination to overcome obstacles.

A Triumph for U.S. Athletes

Despite facing visa issues that led to forfeiting their first two pool play matches, the U.S. men’s team emerged victorious by defeating Poland in a thrilling final match. The intense battle ended with a 21-19, 14-21, 15-8 score in favor of Team USA.

Dave Newkirk, reflecting on the team’s performance, expressed their focus on securing a win rather than pursuing perfection. The players demonstrated incredible teamwork and executed crucial plays that turned the tide in their favor.

An Inclusive Sport on the Rise

Beach ParaVolley is a form of standing beach volleyball played with three-member teams. It embodies the principles of inclusivity and promotes the sport’s accessibility. World ParaVolley, the international federation for Paralympic volleyball, is actively collaborating with the International Paralympic Committee to include beach ParaVolley in the Paralympic Games by 2028.

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Since 2007, teams have been regularly competing in Asia/Oceania, and the sport’s popularity continues to grow. Adding beach ParaVolley to the Paralympic Games would provide further recognition and opportunities for athletes worldwide.

Expertise Prevails

The experienced U.S. men’s trio exhibited their veteran prowess on the court, boasting a combined 11 Paralympic Games appearances. Their deep understanding of the game proved invaluable during critical moments of the tournament.

Though they faced setbacks in both the first and second sets of the final match, they rallied back and controlled the game. Newkirk emphasized how the team adjusted their strategy to make the court smaller, enabling them to gain control and create scoring opportunities.

In the decisive third set, the U.S. team gained an early advantage through aggressive serving, ultimately sealing their well-deserved victory.

A Journey to the Finals

To secure their spot in the finals, Team USA staged an impressive comeback against Slovakia in the semifinals, triumphing with a 16-21, 21-5, 15-12 victory. They had previously advanced from the quarterfinals with a win by forfeit from the German team.

After resolving their visa issues, the Americans concluded their pool play by defeating India. This victory further fueled their determination to succeed in the subsequent rounds.

Women’s Tournament and Future Possibilities

The U.S. women’s trio, consisting of Meredith Gross, Skye McDermott, and Autum Reagan, secured the silver medal after a hard-fought battle against the dominant Chinese team. While falling short in the finals with a 21-19, 21-10 score, their performance showcased promise for the future.

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It is worth noting that the American women athletes, with an average age of just 15 years, displayed extraordinary talent and potential. The rivalry between the American and Chinese teams added excitement to the tournament.

Additionally, in a unique exhibition match, the Chinese and American women formed mixed teams, further emphasizing the spirit of collaboration and celebration of the sport.


Q: What is Beach ParaVolley?
A: Beach ParaVolley is a standing beach volleyball played with three-member teams. It promotes inclusivity within the sport and operates within the Paralympic classification system.

Q: Will Beach ParaVolley be included in the Paralympic Games?
A: World ParaVolley is working closely with the International Paralympic Committee to add beach ParaVolley to the Paralympic Games by 2028.

Q: How popular is Beach ParaVolley?
A: The sport has gained popularity, particularly in Asia/Oceania, where teams have been competing regularly since 2007.


The U.S. men’s trio’s historic victory at the first-ever Beach ParaVolley World Series Tour event in Pingtan, China, exemplifies their skill, resilience, and determination. Their remarkable performance in the face of challenges and their commitment to the sport have set a new benchmark for future competitions.

As the popularity of beach ParaVolley continues to grow, the inclusion of the sport in the Paralympic Games would provide a global platform for athletes to showcase their abilities and inspire others.

Alpinetgheep is committed to promoting and supporting inclusive sports like Beach ParaVolley, fostering a community that values diversity and athleticism. Join us as we celebrate the triumphs and achievements of extraordinary athletes from around the world.

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