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U.S. Men’s Sitting Team Excels in Dutch Tournament

The U.S. Men’s Sitting Volleyball Team recently showcased their skills and determination in a tournament held in Assen, Netherlands. The team finished third overall, with a commendable 4-3 record. This result is a significant step towards their goals for the upcoming Parapan American Games.

A Journey of Improvement

Head Coach Greg Walker expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, stating that their success is a testament to their continuous efforts to improve. The team has been dedicated to studying and learning from the world’s top teams, and this tournament provided them with an opportunity to put their learnings into practice. The players and staff are fully committed to their journey, and their hard work is starting to pay off.

Impressive Victories and Valuable Lessons

The U.S. team started the tournament with a thrilling victory over the host Dutch, displaying their resilience and teamwork. However, they faced a tough challenge against Ukraine, who blanked them in a straight-set defeat. Undeterred, the Americans bounced back and secured impressive wins against Germany and the Netherlands.

The team’s outside hitter, J. Dee Marinko, praised the team’s progress, emphasizing the unity they have achieved at the right time. This cohesion will undoubtedly play a crucial role as they prepare for the 2019 Parapan American Games.

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A Promising Future

The U.S. Men’s Sitting Volleyball Team can be proud of their accomplishments leading up to the tournament. They have overcome significant obstacles and defeated teams that were once considered unbeatable. The team’s libero, Travis Ricks, expressed his pride in the team’s composure and growth. They have come a long way since his early days with the team, and now they have a chance to compete at the highest level in the Parapan American Games.


Q: How did the U.S. Men’s Sitting Team perform in the Dutch tournament?
A: The team finished third overall with a 4-3 record, displaying their skills and potential.

Q: What are the team’s goals for the Parapan American Games?
A: The team aims to continue their progress and achieve success at the upcoming Parapan American Games.

Q: How has the team improved over the years?
A: The team’s dedication to studying and learning from top teams worldwide has contributed to their growth and success.

Q: What challenges did the team face in the tournament?
A: The team faced tough opponents, including Ukraine, but they persevered and learned valuable lessons from each match.


The U.S. Men’s Sitting Volleyball Team’s performance in the Dutch tournament is a testament to their hard work, determination, and growth as a team. They have proven their ability to compete at a high level and are now focused on the upcoming Parapan American Games. With their unity and skill, they are ready to make their mark on the international stage.

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