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U.S. Men Dominate Suriname to Start NORCECA Champs

The U.S. Men’s National Team displayed an impressive performance as they began their journey at the 2023 NORCECA Men’s Senior Continental Championship with a resounding 3-0 victory over Suriname. The match took place at the Charleston Coliseum & Convention Center, captivating the audience with the American team’s prowess and skill.

Putting Practice into Action

The U.S. Men utilized their encounter against Suriname as an opportunity to grant bench players valuable game time and put their practiced skills to the test. Head Coach John Speraw expressed his satisfaction with the team’s execution, stating, “We’ve been working on a lot of aspects of our game over the past month, and we were able to execute some of those things.”

A Display of Dominance

The U.S. Men dominated Suriname in multiple aspects of the game, leading in attacks (45-19), blocks (4-0), and aces (7-0). Additionally, they capitalized on Suriname’s errors, scoring 19 points while only conceding 14.

Standout Performances

Several U.S. players showcased their skills, with four of them achieving double-digit scores. Opposite hitter Jake Hanes led the way with 14 points, displaying an impressive hitting efficiency of .706. Hanes expressed his excitement about playing in front of a U.S. crowd, acknowledging the rarity of such opportunities and emphasizing the need to seize them.

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Notably, outside hitter Garrett Muagututia’s exceptional play in the third set elicited an enthusiastic response from the U.S. bench. Muagututia demonstrated excellent coverage off the block, which allowed setter Micah Ma’a to deliver a perfectly executed set to Hanes for a decisive kill. This execution resonated with the team, as they had been working diligently on their coverage off the block.

Contributions from the Roster

Middle blocker Jeff Jendryk contributed 11 points, including eight kills and three blocks, showcasing his versatility and impact on the court. Outside hitter Thomas Jaeschke accumulated 10 points, combining his kills, blocks, and aces to contribute to the team’s success. Middle blocker Taylor Averill and setter Micah Ma’a also made significant contributions to the U.S. Men’s victory, amassing 7 and 3 points, respectively.

A Bright Debut

Libero Timothy McIntosh made his competitive debut with the Men’s Senior National Team, showcasing his defensive skills with three crucial digs and one excellent reception. McIntosh admitted to some initial nerves but quickly settled into a rhythm, ultimately delivering a commendable performance.

Continuing the Journey

The U.S. Men’s National Team will continue their pursuit of victory in the 2023 NORCECA Continental Championship. They have more matches ahead, and the excitement surrounding their performance promises an exhilarating tournament.


1. What is the NORCECA Men’s Senior Continental Championship?
The NORCECA Men’s Senior Continental Championship is a prestigious volleyball tournament that features teams from North and Central America and the Caribbean. It serves as a qualifier for other international competitions.

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2. Who is the head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team?
John Speraw is the head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team. His experience and expertise have guided the team to many victories.


The U.S. Men’s National Team demonstrated their dominance in their opening match of the 2023 NORCECA Men’s Senior Continental Championship. With their exceptional performance and strategic execution, they set the stage for an exciting journey ahead. Stay tuned as the U.S. Men continue to compete with passion and skill, aiming to secure victory in the championship. For more information and updates about the U.S. Men’s National Team, visit Alpinetgheep.