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U.S. Men Finish World Champs in 6th after Loss to Poland

The U.S. Men’s National Team concluded their remarkable 2022 season with both determination and disappointment as they fell to Poland in the quarterfinals of the FIVB World Championship. Despite the loss, their performance showcased resilience and skill throughout the tournament.

A Hard-Fought Battle

After losing the first two sets, the U.S. Men rallied back to win the next two sets, thrilling the crowd of 12,258 fans. However, in the decisive fifth set, Poland secured two critical points to take the lead. Although the U.S. Men narrowed the gap at 6-5, Poland proved too strong and ultimately clinched the match.

Official Statistics

Poland outperformed the U.S. in kills, blocks, and aces, demonstrating their proficiency in various aspects of the game. However, the U.S. Men capitalized on Poland’s errors, which helped them stay in the match.

Spearheading the U.S. Men’s scoring efforts was outside hitter Aaron Russell, who led all scorers with 24 points. Additionally, opposite Matt Anderson displayed his best performance of the tournament, contributing 18 points and leading the team in digs.

A Season of Achievements

While the loss to Poland marked the end of their journey in the World Championship, the U.S. Men can look back on a season filled with accomplishments. They finished the tournament in sixth place and boasted an impressive record of 15-5 in FIVB matches.

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U.S. Men’s 14-Person Roster

Throughout the championship, the U.S. Men’s team demonstrated the depth of their talent. The 14-person roster included standout players such as Matt Anderson, Aaron Russell, and Micah Christenson, each contributing their skills to the team’s success.


Q: What was the U.S. Men’s record in FIVB matches during the 2022 season?
A: The U.S. Men achieved a record of 15-5 in FIVB matches throughout the 2022 season.

Q: What was the final position of the U.S. Men’s team in the FIVB World Championship?
A: The U.S. Men concluded the FIVB World Championship in sixth place.

Q: Who were the leading scorers for the U.S. Men in the match against Poland?
A: Aaron Russell and Matt Anderson were the leading scorers for the U.S. Men in their match against Poland.


The U.S. Men’s National Team showcased their determination and skill in the FIVB World Championship, despite facing a tough loss to Poland in the quarterfinals. Led by standout players such as Aaron Russell and Matt Anderson, the team fought hard throughout the tournament and finished in sixth place. Their impressive record of 15-5 in FIVB matches highlights their strength and competitiveness. Although the journey may have ended sooner than desired, the U.S. Men’s team can be proud of their achievements and the excitement they brought to the competition.

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