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U.S. Men Secure Quarterfinal Spot at Pan Am Cup

The U.S. Men’s Pan American Cup Team showcased their skills as they swept the Dominican Republic with a score of 25-20, 25-19, 25-20 in an intense match held in Colima, Mexico. This victory secured the team the second-place slot in their pool and earned them a spot in the quarterfinals, where they will go head-to-head against Argentina at 6 p.m. PT on Wednesday. Fans can catch all the action on, a subscription-based service.

Impressive Performance on the Court

Despite a tough loss to Chile the previous day, the U.S. Men dominated the Dominican Republic in key areas, leading in kills (39-35), blocks (9-3), and aces (13-5). The team’s setters, Josh Tuaniga, Joe Worsley, and Jonah Seif, worked together seamlessly, contributing to the U.S. Men’s impressive hitting efficiency of .333 compared to the Dominican Republic’s .304.

A Well-Deserved Victory

U.S. opposite Kyle Russell shone brightly in the match, emerging as the top scorer with 16 points, including 13 kills and three aces. He expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, saying, “It was a great bounce back after yesterday’s tough loss to Chile. We regrouped really nicely to play USA volleyball.” Outside hitter Colton Cowell and Sam Holt also made significant contributions, with 11 points and 10 points, respectively, including multiple kills and aces.

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Dominant Display by the U.S. Men

Middle blocker George Huhmann showcased his skills with a standout performance, scoring nine points on six kills, two blocks, and an ace. The team’s strong showing was a testament to their powerful serves and solid passing, exemplifying their determination to succeed in this tournament.

Lineup and Statistics

The following lineup was fielded by the U.S. Men against the Dominican Republic:

  • Outside hitters: Colton Cowell and Sam Holt
  • Middle blockers: Brenda Schmidt and George Huhmann
  • Opposite: Kyle Russell
  • Setter: Josh Tuaniga
  • Libero: Kyle Dagostino

The statistics for the match are as follows:

  • Kill: Russell 13, Cowell 7, Huhmann 6, Holt 5, Jarman 3, Shaw 2, Schmidt 2, Tuaniga 1
  • Blocks: Holt 3, Jarman 2, Huhmann 2, Worsley 1, Cowell 1
  • Aces: Russell 3, Cowell 3, Holt 2, Tuaniga 2, Seif 1, Worsley 1, Huhmann 1
  • Digs: Dagostino 15, Tuaniga 10, Russell 6, Cowell 4, Worsley 3, Tuaniga 2, Huhmann 2, Seif 1, Shaw 1

Upcoming Schedule

The Pan American Cup, taking place in Colima, Mexico from June 16 to June 21, will feature more thrilling matches. Here is the schedule for the U.S. Men:

  • June 19: Quarterfinal – USA vs Argentina at 6 p.m. PT
  • June 20: Semifinals
  • June 21: Final


1. What is the Pan American Cup?

The Pan American Cup is a prestigious volleyball tournament held in Colima, Mexico, featuring teams from the Americas. It serves as a platform for teams to compete against each other and showcase their skills.

2. How did the U.S. Men secure a spot in the quarterfinals?

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The U.S. Men secured their quarterfinal spot by defeating the Dominican Republic with a score of 25-20, 25-19, 25-20, demonstrating their strength and determination on the court.

3. Who is the top scorer for the U.S. Men in the match against the Dominican Republic?

Kyle Russell emerged as the top scorer for the U.S. Men in their match against the Dominican Republic, contributing 16 points through his impressive kills and aces.

4. When and where can I watch the matches?

The matches of the Pan American Cup can be watched on, a subscription-based service that provides live coverage of the tournament.


In this action-packed match, the U.S. Men’s Pan American Cup Team showcased their skills and secured a quarterfinal spot by defeating the Dominican Republic. Led by top scorer Kyle Russell, the team dominated in key areas such as kills, blocks, and aces. With their exceptional hitting efficiency and strong serves, the U.S. Men emerged victorious and are now preparing to face Argentina in the quarterfinals. Fans can catch all the exciting action on Make sure to tune in and support the U.S. Men as they strive for success in the Pan American Cup.

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