Thursday, 23 May 2024

U.S. Girls’ Youth Team Dominates Against Barbados

The U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team displayed an impressive performance as they eased past Barbados, securing a 3-0 victory at the NORCECA Girls’ U18 Continental Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The match which took place on the second day of the tournament showcased the U.S. team’s dominance and skill.

A Convincing Win

From the start, it was evident that the U.S. team was in control. They quickly gained an early lead in the first set and maintained their momentum to secure a comfortable 25-10 victory. The second set followed a similar pattern, with the U.S. team building a significant advantage and ultimately winning 25-7. Although Barbados showed some resilience in the third set, the U.S. team pulled away towards the end and emerged victorious with a scoreline of 25-16.

Consistency and Control

U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team Head Coach Jim Stone was pleased with his team’s performance, highlighting their consistency and reduced errors as a significant improvement. He also commended their ability to control Barbados’ best attacker. The team showcased excellent teamwork and skill throughout the match.

Key Performers

Ally Batenhorst and Emily Londot led the U.S. team offensively, each scoring 12 points. Batenhorst displayed exceptional accuracy with 10 kills on 11 errorless attacks, while Londot contributed nine kills, two aces, and a block. CC Crawford, Bre Kelley, and Lindsay Krause also made important contributions to the team’s success, showcasing their talent and versatility.

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A Bright Future

With this convincing win, the U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team advances to the next stage of the tournament. The team remains focused and aware that the upcoming matches will present tougher challenges. Coach Stone emphasizes the need for continuous improvement and highlights the quality of the teams they will face in the future.


Q: How did the U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team perform in their match against Barbados?
A: The U.S. team displayed a dominant performance, winning all three sets against Barbados. They showcased excellent control and consistency throughout the match.

Q: Who were the key performers for the U.S. team?
A: Ally Batenhorst and Emily Londot led the U.S. team offensively, each scoring 12 points. They showcased their skill and accuracy, contributing to the team’s success.

Q: What is the next stage for the U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team in the tournament?
A: After their victory against Barbados, the U.S. team advances to the next stage of the tournament. They remain focused and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.


The U.S. Girls’ Youth National Team put on a dominant display against Barbados, securing a convincing 3-0 victory. Led by key performers Ally Batenhorst and Emily Londot, the U.S. team showcased their control, consistency, and skill. Coach Jim Stone expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance and highlighted the need for continuous improvement. The U.S. team now looks forward to their upcoming matches, fully aware of the tough competition they will face.

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