Wednesday, 22 May 2024

U.S. Collegiate National Team-Minneapolis Program Announced

USA Volleyball is excited to introduce the roster for the U.S. Collegiate National Team-Minneapolis (CNT-Minneapolis) program. This team, which is part of USA Volleyball’s High Performance pipeline, serves as a second tryout for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Training and Competition

The CNT-Minneapolis squad will undergo training from June 22-26 at the University of Minnesota. Following the training, the athletes will be divided into three 12-member teams who will compete in a round-robin format at the Minneapolis Convention Center from June 27-30. These matches will take place alongside the USA Volleyball Girls’ Junior National Championships.

Roster Selections

The CNT-Minneapolis roster comprises of talented players from various colleges across the country. The team includes liberos Tita Akiu (Texas Tech), Emily Butters (Missouri State University), Brandi Donnelly (University of Illinois), Brooke Peters (Purdue University), and Brittany Thomas (Lipscomb University).

Selected as middle blockers are Rachel Anderson (Western Kentucky University), Jasmine Bennett (University of Louisville), Faith Dooley (University of North Dakota), Deja Harris (San Diego State University), Kirstie Hillyer (Colorado State University), Darrielle King (University of Florida), Kelsey O’Neill (TBA), Amber Witherspoon (Syracuse University), and Lynsey Wright (Missouri State University).

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The team’s setters include Olivia Dailey (University of Kentucky), Ashley Evans (Purdue University), Sydney Griffin (University of North Dakota), Monique Harris (Iowa State University), Kristyn Nicholson (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi), and Taylor Tashima (Northwestern University).

The outside hitters chosen for the CNT-Minneapolis program are Lauren Fuller (University of San Diego), McKenna Granato (University of Hawaii), Leah Hardeman (Coastal Carolina University), Veronica Jones-Perry (BYU), Taryn Kloth (Creighton University), Brittany McLean (University of Minnesota), Alyssa Schultejans (Kansas State University), Julia Scoles (University of North Carolina), and Stephanie Williams (University of Pittsburgh).

The program’s opposites include Sherridan Atkinson (Purdue University), Angel Gaskin (University of Maryland), Amanda Green (University of Louisville), Kayla Principato (University of Denver), Casey Schoenlein (Washington State University), and Holly Toliver (Michigan State University).

Program Staff

The CNT-Minneapolis program will be led by Rod Wilde of Madison Elite, NC State University Assistant Coach Nicki Holmes, and West Hills College Head Coach Jeff Wanderer as the program managers and administrators. The three teams will be coached by UCF Head Coach Todd Dagenais, East Tennessee State University Head Coach Lindsey Devine, and Trinity Western University Assistant Coach Dennis Janzen.

Assisting the program coaches are Grand Canyon University Assistant Coach Jay Van Vark, University of Kentucky Assistant Coach Lindsey Gray-Walton, University of San Diego Assistant Coach Marie Zidek, Grand Canyon University Director of Operations Rachel Ferguson, and Bradley University Assistant Coach Jon Wong.


The U.S. Collegiate National Team-Minneapolis program showcases the remarkable talent and dedication of collegiate volleyball players. These athletes have been handpicked to represent the United States in a highly competitive environment. Stay tuned for updates on their performances and achievements.

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