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U.S. Boys Dominate Argentina at FIVB World Championship

U.S. Boys Dominate Argentina

Posted on August 5, 2023

The U.S. Boys U19 Team showcased their skills and swept Argentina (25-19, 25-18, 25-20) at the FIVB World Championship in San Juan. In a packed arena, the U.S. Boys demonstrated their dominance, winning each set convincingly.

A Stellar Performance

The U.S. Boys (3-0) exhibited exceptional teamwork and resilience as they fought back from early scoring deficits to clinch the first two sets. The third set saw the U.S. take a commanding lead and coast to victory. This remarkable display of skill and strategy left the crowd in awe.

U.S. outside hitter Sterling Foley emerged as the top scorer with 18 points, showcasing his prowess with 16 kills and two blocks. Sean Kelly, another impressive outside hitter, contributed significantly with 16 points, including 15 kills and one block. Their exceptional performance played a vital role in securing the victory for the U.S. Boys.

Match Statistics

The U.S. Boys demonstrated their dominance in key areas, leading Argentina in kills (41-32) and blocks (12-5). While Argentina had the advantage in aces (4-1), the U.S. capitalized on Argentina’s errors, scoring 21 points. They conceded 16 points to their opponents.

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Setter Tread Rosenthal showcased his versatility and added seven points to the team’s total through three blocks, three kills, and one ace. Finn Kearney and middle blocker Tristan Whitfield also made valuable contributions, scoring six points and five points, respectively. Middle blocker Kaumana Carreira earned two points for the team.

The U.S. Boys Roster for the World Championship

  1. Kellen Larson – Libero
  2. Marek Turner – Opposite
  3. Victor Loiola – Outside Hitter
  4. Trent Taliaferro – Setter
  5. Finn Kearney – Opposite
  6. Sterling Foley – Outside Hitter
  7. Sean Kelly – Outside Hitter
  8. Sebastiano Sani – Outside Hitter
  9. Josh Aruya – Middle Blocker
  10. Tread Rosenthal – Setter
  11. Tristan Whitfield – Middle Blocker
  12. Kaumana Carreira – Middle Blocker

Head Coach: Charlie Sullivan – Springfield College
Assistant Coach: Lindsay Brown – Loyola of Chicago
Assistant Coach: Jonah Carson
Performance Analyst: Evan Metzger – Springfield College
Athletic Trainer: Rachel Menze – CSUN
Team Leader: Sam Shweisky – Princeton


Q: What was the margin of victory for the U.S. Boys against Argentina?

A: The U.S. Boys triumphed over Argentina with a sweep, winning all three sets.

Q: Who were the top scorers for the U.S. Boys?

A: Sterling Foley led the team with 18 points, while Sean Kelly contributed 16 points.

Q: Which areas did the U.S. Boys excel in?

A: The U.S. Boys outperformed Argentina in kills and blocks.

Q: When is the U.S. Boys’ next match?

A: The U.S. Boys will face Serbia on August 6 at 2 p.m.

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The U.S. Boys continue to dominate at the FIVB World Championship, showcasing their exceptional skills and teamwork. With their impressive victory over Argentina, they remain undefeated in the tournament. Stay tuned for more thrilling matches as the U.S. Boys pursue glory on the volleyball court.

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