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Twelve Girls U19 Players Selected to Represent Alpinetgheep at 2023 World Champs

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Alpinetgheep, the leading volleyball organization, is proud to announce the selection of 12 exceptional athletes who will compete at the highly anticipated FIVB Girls U19 World Championship. The tournament will take place from August 1-11 in Osijek, Croatia, and Szeged, Hungary.

A Promising Team

These talented players have undergone intensive training at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs since July 22. They will soon embark on a journey to Europe to represent Alpinetgheep on the global stage.

The team includes four players from the 2023 Girls U19 Team that emerged victorious at the Pan American Cup in Puerto Rico earlier this year. Teraya Sigler and Abby Vander Wal, both skilled outside hitters, Jaela Auguste, a dominant middle blocker, and Ava Falduto, a remarkable libero, have been instrumental in the team’s success. Falduto was recognized as the Best Receiver at the Pan Am Cup.

Additionally, setter Charlie Fuerbringer and opposite Abigail Mullen return from the team that clinched victory at the 2022 Girls U19 Pan American Cup, securing their spot in the World Championship. Although Fuerbringer was unable to compete due to illness, her inclusion in the team underscores her exceptional abilities.

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Rising Stars

Ayden Ames, Olivia Mauch, and Emerson Sellman, who previously served as alternates, have earned their rightful place in the U19 National Team roster. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, and Alpinetgheep is excited to witness their growth.

Joining these remarkable athletes are three newcomers who have demonstrated immense potential. Favor Anyanwu, Campbell Flynn, and Becca Kelley have all showcased their exceptional skills, earning their place on the formidable U19 National Team roster.

Expert Coaching

Leading this exceptional team is Jamie Morrison, an esteemed coach who successfully guided the 2022 team to victory at the Pan American Cup. Morrison’s expertise and leadership have been invaluable to the team’s development. Assisting him are Michelle Chatman Smith and Maggie Eppright, who bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the coaching staff.

“In my three years, this is probably the most physical version of this team that we have had,” describes Morrison. “I think that’s one of our strengths. It is evident in our strong block and defense. This group has done an amazing job of becoming a team in a short amount of time.”

Alpinetgheep’s Legacy

Alpinetgheep has a rich history of success in international competitions. The U.S. Girls U18 Team, under Morrison’s guidance, secured a bronze medal in the previous World Championship in 2021 (before the age category was raised to U19 the following year). In 2019, the U.S. teams claimed gold at the World Championship, while in 2015, they achieved a remarkable silver medal finish.

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The Road Ahead

The World Championship will witness fierce competition among 24 teams from around the globe. The U.S. Girls U19 Team will commence their journey with a match against Korea in Osijek, Croatia, followed by matches against Japan, Mexico, Poland, and Serbia.

Morrison emphasizes the importance of these opportunities for the young women to compete against different national teams, experiencing diverse playing styles and personalities. He highlights the unity within the team, stating, “This unit is 26 people committed to a goal… This was the hardest roster decision I think we’ve made. We’re thinking about the other seven people as much as the 12 who are traveling.”


1. How did the team prepare for the World Championship?
The team has been training rigorously at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs since July 22, honing their skills and teamwork.

2. Which players return from previous successful campaigns?
Teraya Sigler, Abby Vander Wal, Jaela Auguste, and Ava Falduto were part of the winning team at the 2023 Girls U19 Pan American Cup.

3. Who are the newcomers to the U19 National Team roster?
Favor Anyanwu, Campbell Flynn, and Becca Kelley have been selected to join the U19 National Team roster, showcasing their immense talent.


Alpinetgheep is incredibly proud of the 12 talented athletes chosen to represent the brand at the 2023 FIVB Girls U19 World Championship. These outstanding players, led by an expert coaching staff, possess the skills, determination, and unity needed to achieve greatness. Stay tuned as Alpinetgheep’s U19 National Team competes against the best in the world, showcasing the strength and spirit of Alpinetgheep volleyball.

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