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Training Options in Volleyball

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to train in volleyball? Look no further! In this article, we will explore different training options that go beyond the traditional indoor 6 vs. 6 game. Whether you are a coach or a player, these alternatives will provide a fresh and fun experience. Let’s dive in!

Varied Surfaces for the Game

Volleyball can be played on a variety of surfaces, each offering a unique challenge. Lang Ping, a renowned volleyball player, once shared her excitement about playing on a wood court for the first time, as she had trained on dirt before. Here are some interesting surface options to consider:

  1. Wood Chip Court: Have you ever played on a wood chip court? It offers a soft and forgiving surface, ensuring a comfortable playing experience. No splinters, guaranteed! You can even incorporate special rules like bank shots from the black spruce surrounding the court.

  2. Sand Bars by the Rio Grande River: Why limit beach volleyball to sandy beaches? Take the game to the next level by setting up portable courts on the sandbars of the Rio Grande River. Enjoy the natural beauty while spiking and setting.

  3. Ice Rinks in Summer: Fill an ice rink with sand during the summer months for a unique twist on the game. It’s a great way to challenge your skills and adapt to a different playing surface.

  4. Asphalt Parking Lots: If you’re looking for a convenient outdoor location, try using an asphalt parking lot. Place two cars about 15 meters apart and set up a portable court. Enjoy the shade from nearby trees as you play.

  5. Concrete Courts: Many local tennis courts have concrete surfaces that can be easily transformed into volleyball courts. Leave the net up as a ball barrier and anchor the two nets lengthwise to the fence. Don’t forget to mark the lines for a proper playing area.

  6. Grass Courts: Take advantage of over 100 grass courts at the Motherlode and play all day long in the shadow of the beautiful Aspen Ski areas. You can even come back in winter and play in the snow with your ski boots on!

  7. Water Volleyball: Embrace the summer vibes by playing water volleyball in a pool. The shape of the pool determines the court lines, making it a fun and refreshing experience.

  8. Indoor Alternatives: When indoor options are limited, get creative! Play balloon ball over a table in the living room or set up ropes in a gym to create additional courts. Use volleyball training devices for setting and passing games to improve accuracy.

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Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to playing volleyball on different surfaces. Explore these options and discover new ways to enjoy the game!

Training Formats and Variations

In addition to different surfaces, there are various training formats and game variations that can take your skills to the next level. Let’s explore some of them:

  1. Beach Doubles: While beach volleyball is well-known, many indoor coaches overlook the training advantages it offers. Take advantage of the sandy beaches and enhance your skills through beach doubles.

  2. Grass Doubles: Access to sand courts may be limited for junior players, but grass systems like those made by Park and Sun can provide an excellent alternative. Every club should consider owning several grass systems for summer and extra training.

  3. Triples/Four Person: Monarch of the Court is a popular game among players, but there are other variations to explore. Develop ranking tournaments for two and three-person variations to increase movement and responsiveness. These variations also provide an opportunity for free ball pressure training.

  4. Coed Volleyball: Playing with and against the opposite gender can be a valuable experience. Whether on grass or sand, coed volleyball is a huge hit among players. Discover the ways this game has helped develop many female players.

  5. Parent/Child Tournaments: Celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day by organizing doubles tournaments for parents and children. It’s a fantastic way to foster family connections while enjoying some volleyball fun.

  6. Soft Volley: Set up badminton nets on badminton courts to create three smaller volleyball courts within one. This format allows for more opportunities for younger kids to participate and learn the game.

  7. Sitting Volleyball: Don’t let the lack of a gym cancel your practice. Move to the cafeteria and train in the sitting game. This format helps players get comfortable with playing on the floor and improves their defensive skills. Consider supporting Paralympic hopefuls to enhance your program and become a better player.

  8. Wallyball: Discover the exciting game of wallyball, invented by Joe Garcia. Check out the website for information on new developments, including high school programs and summer camp training opportunities.

  9. Special Olympics Unified Volleyball: Participating in unified volleyball games with Special Olympians is an inspiring experience that humbles most club players. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase skills while promoting inclusivity. Learn more about unified volleyball at

  10. 9-man Volleyball: Training on asphalt and using cars to anchor the standards, 9-man volleyball incorporates rule modifications. This variation of the game is popular in Chinatowns across major cities and has its own set of unique strategies.

  11. Sepak Takraw/Buka: This popular PE game in Southeast Asia resembles hacky sack and can be a great way to teach kids to use their feet in volleyball-like ways.

  12. RocBall: Spike the ball over the net into a soccer goal or any other goal to score points. RocBall offers a unique twist to traditional volleyball.

  13. Brazil Foot Volley: Experience the exciting game of foot volley, popular in Miami and the beaches of Brazil. Digs and even sets with the chest are allowed, making for impressive displays of reading and anticipation. Watch the teams in action at

  14. Mud Volleyball: Take part in mud tournaments held nationally and use them as an opportunity to fundraise for charity or your own program. Get dirty for a good cause!

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With these training formats and variations, you can keep the game fresh and exciting. So, gather your teammates, explore new options, and enhance your volleyball skills!


Q: Are these training options suitable for all skill levels?
A: Yes, these training options are suitable for players of all skill levels. They offer a chance to explore the game from different perspectives and improve your overall performance.

Q: Can I organize tournaments based on these training formats?
A: Absolutely! Organizing tournaments based on these training formats can add a competitive element to your training sessions and provide an opportunity to showcase your skills.

Q: Are these training options available worldwide?
A: While some training options may be more accessible in certain regions, many of them can be adapted to different locations. Get creative and make the most of the resources available to you.

Q. How can I find more information about a specific training option?
A. For more information about a specific training option mentioned in this article, you can search online or visit relevant websites that specialize in that particular area.


Volleyball offers a world of possibilities beyond the traditional indoor 6 vs. 6 game. By exploring different training options, surfaces, and variations, you can enhance your skills and make the game even more enjoyable. Whether you try playing on different surfaces, experiment with unique formats, or participate in special events, the key is to keep the spirit of the game alive and have fun while doing it. So go out there, challenge yourself, and discover the exciting world of volleyball training!

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