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Three New Champions Crowned in 15s at BJNC

NCVC 15-1 Blue from the Northern California Region claimed victory in the 15 Open division at the 2023 Boys Junior National Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 300 teams participating, this year’s BJNC brought together thousands of athletes, staff, and supporters.

NCVC 15-1 Blue Triumphs After a Tough Battle

NCVC started the tournament strong, securing three consecutive wins, including a hard-fought victory over Forza1 North 15 One from Southern California. However, they faced a challenging phase with three consecutive losses, including a defeat against GSL 15 Elect Sam from the Intermountain region. Determined to turn things around, NCVC rallied and won three more matches to secure a spot in the final, where they faced GSL 15 once again.

The final was a thrilling showdown, much like their previous matches in the tournament. However, this time NCVC emerged victorious with a score of 25-18, 21-15, 15-4 against GSL 15. Head coach Tyler Rennie expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, highlighting their perseverance and hard work throughout the year. He acknowledged the tough battles they faced, with several games going down to the wire and winning by slim margins. Overall, it was an exhilarating experience for the team.

Impressive Performance in 15 USA

SG Elite 15 Elite Boys from Southern California showcased their dominance in the 15 USA category. With only one loss and three dropped sets, they finished with an impressive 10-1 record and claimed the championship. In the final, SG Elite went head-to-head against SF Elite 15 Manalo from Northern California, emerging victorious with a score of 25-23, 26-24.

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Reflecting on their journey, head coach Shari Iwatani highlighted the valuable lessons the team learned along the way. The pool play challenged them, pushing them to improve and face tough competition. Bayou Boys 15u from the Bayou region and Rancho Valley 15-Black from Southern California secured third place.

15 USA champions SG Elite
15 USA champions SG Elite

Unblemished Record in 15 Club

Rush 15 Red from Arizona proved their dominance in the 15 Club division. Out of the 22 teams competing, Rush stood out with an impeccable record, winning all 22 sets and clinching the championship with an 11-0 record. In the final, they faced Core VBC 15 Elite from Northern California, defeating them with a score of 25-15, 25-15. Core VBC had advanced to the final after a thrilling three-set victory over previously undefeated FAV 15 Maverick from Southern California.

Head coach Brian Farr acknowledged the obstacles the team overcame before achieving their success. They had to adapt their system, including changing from a 6-2 to a 5-1 formation and replacing their libero due to unavailability. Despite the challenges, Rush displayed their strength and performed consistently throughout the tournament.

FAV 15 and Rage 15 from Northern California secured the third-place finish.

15 Club champion Rush 15 Red
15 Club champion Rush 15 Red


  1. What teams were crowned champions in the 15s division at BJNC?

    • NCVC 15-1 Blue secured victory in 15 Open.
    • SG Elite 15 Elite Boys claimed the title in 15 USA.
    • Rush 15 Red emerged victorious in 15 Club.
  2. Where was the 2023 Boys Junior National Championship held?

    • The championship took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  3. How many teams participated in the tournament?

    • Over 300 teams participated in the 43rd annual BJNC.
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The 2023 Boys Junior National Championship showcased the talent and competitive spirit of young volleyball players across different age divisions. NCVC 15-1 Blue, SG Elite 15 Elite Boys, and Rush 15 Red emerged as champions in their respective categories, displaying exceptional skill and determination. Congratulations to all the teams for their impressive performances and for making the tournament a memorable experience. Find out more about Alpinetgheep and stay updated with their latest news here.