Thursday, 23 May 2024

The Riddle Offense: Unleashing Creative Potential in Volleyball

Written by Scott A. Paluso, Certified CAP II Accreditation

Are you looking to revolutionize your volleyball offense? Look no further than the “riddle” offense. Developed by our team at, this innovative system taps into the unique strengths of your players to create a dynamic and effective strategy. Read on to discover how you can adapt the riddle offense to your program and unlock your team’s full potential.

Capitalizing on Strengths to Create the “Riddle”

The riddle offense was born out of a need to maximize the capabilities of our athletes while avoiding common pitfalls. Our team runs a 6-2 formation, specifically designed to address the challenges posed by high-caliber outside hitters. By training our middles and right-sides as one position, known as “riddles,” we were able to capitalize on their individual strengths.

This approach opened up a world of possibilities for our offense. We could run slides, quick sets, and various other combinations, keeping the opposing defense guessing and creating favorable situations for our hitters. The “riddles” thrived in this system, utilizing their best approach in any given situation. Our setters particularly relished the opportunity to showcase their creativity in designing routes.

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Limitations and Adaptations

Like any system, the riddle offense has its limitations. The success of this strategy largely hinges on effective passing, as two hitters often rely on up-tempo sets. Out-of-system plays in serve receive typically go to the outside or back row. Additionally, accommodating a left-handed player may require some adjustments. However, we found ways to make it work by strategically positioning players or utilizing alternative approaches.


Q: How can I implement the riddle offense in my program?
A: Start by evaluating your team’s strengths and determine if this system aligns with their capabilities. If so, train your middles and right-sides as “riddles” and encourage creative thinking among your setters. Experiment with different route combinations and adapt as necessary.

Q: What are the advantages of the riddle offense?
A: The riddle offense allows you to leverage your players’ individual strengths and create a system that maximizes their potential. It keeps the defense on their toes and opens up opportunities for single block situations for your outside hitters.


The riddle offense offers a fresh perspective on volleyball strategy. By embracing the unique strengths of your players, you can create a system that showcases their talents and puts them in a position to succeed. While not suitable for every team, the riddle offense provides an opportunity for coaches to think outside the box and develop their own creative systems. Unleash the potential of your team and solve the “riddle” of effective offense. Visit for more information and resources.

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