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The Oracles of Volleyball: Mid-tourney Check-in

As the 2016 Olympic Volleyball Tournament reaches its midpoint, it’s the perfect time to check in on the progress of the U.S. Volleyball Olympic Teams. Let’s hear what some of the top U.S. Olympians have to say about how the teams are faring.

Lloy Ball – U.S. Olympian, indoor (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008) Olympic gold medalist, 2008

This year’s Olympic Games have showcased an unprecedented level of parity in volleyball. On the beach side, there are six teams that have a legitimate shot at victory, while in the indoor tournament, eight teams are in contention. This applies to both the men’s and women’s divisions. It’s an exciting time for the sport!

While Casey Patterson and Jake Gibb may not have found their rhythm yet, they are still enjoyable to watch and are great ambassadors for the game. Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross displayed incredible tenacity in their recent match, even if it wasn’t their best performance. The women’s indoor team is starting to find their stride, as demonstrated by their outstanding match against a formidable Serbian team.

For the men’s indoor team, it’s a crucial moment. They showed improvement against Italy, and now they have to give it their all against Brazil. Although Brazil is historically a formidable opponent, they are not invincible. Matt Anderson, Max Holt, David Lee, and Micah Christenson are expected to deliver a standout performance. Go Team USA! We have faith in your abilities!

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Nicole Davis – U.S. Olympian, indoor (2008, 2012) Olympic silver medalist, 2008, 2012

The women’s team has been impressive in their growth and adaptability throughout the tournament. It’s remarkable to see how they adjust and support each other as the matches progress. There’s a certain fire in their eyes, especially with Foluke Akinradewo, who has the potential to be a dominant force for the team. Kim Hill and Kelly Murphy have consistently impressed with their ability to make plays and compete with quiet confidence. Jordan Larson, particularly on defense, has shown exceptional court awareness. Alisha Glass has also made some remarkable saves and coverage. The team synergy is evident, and they are a joy to watch.

As for the men’s team, they have encountered some challenges early on. They seem to be carrying the weight of past experiences, and it’s affecting their performance. However, as I’ve seen in the past, when they play with freedom and take calculated risks, they are unstoppable. Micah’s ability to involve the middle blockers and the team’s strong reception make them a force to be reckoned with. Now is the time for them to let go, be present, and embrace the experience. They have the talent and ability to defeat any team in the world.

Scott Fortune – U.S. Olympian, indoor (1988, 1992, 1996) Olympic gold medalist, indoor, 1988; Olympic bronze medalist, indoor 1992

These Olympic Games stand out due to the remarkable number of teams capable of winning medals in both indoor and beach volleyball. The women’s indoor team, led by the composed and tactically astute head coach Karch Kiraly, has shown great resilience in the face of tough matches. Players like Foluke and Rachael Adams have displayed exceptional athleticism in both blocking and attacking. With improved passing, their efficiency in attacking opens up opportunities for their teammates. The team’s aggressive serving has also been a highlight, despite a few errors in the earlier matches.

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On the other hand, the men’s indoor team is facing difficulties and hasn’t quite found their rhythm after a tough loss to Italy. They need to build upon the improvements they made in that match and approach the remaining matches with a carefree and joyful spirit. With nothing to lose, it’s time for them to rediscover their contagious team spirit and have fun on the court.


Q: How many teams are in contention for victory on the beach and indoor sides?

A: There are six teams in contention on the beach side and eight teams in contention on the indoor side for both the men’s and women’s divisions.

Q: Which U.S. Olympian highlighted the women’s team’s progress?

A: Nicole Davis, U.S. Olympian and Olympic silver medalist, praised the women’s team for their growth and adaptability throughout the tournament.

Q: What advice did Scott Fortune give to the men’s indoor team?

A: Scott Fortune encouraged the men’s team to play with freedom, take risks, and embrace the experience, as they have the talent and ability to defeat any team in the world.


As the halfway point of the Olympic Volleyball Tournament approaches, the U.S. Volleyball Olympic Teams face unique challenges and opportunities. The teams are determined to overcome obstacles and demonstrate their talent on the world stage. With fierce competition and exciting matches ahead, volleyball fans have plenty to look forward to in the remainder of the tournament.