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Ten Tips for Enjoying a Beach Volleyball Event

Beach Volleyball Event

Are you excited about attending a beach volleyball event? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the sport, here are some tips to make the most of your experience. We have gathered advice from professional beach volleyball players Brooke Sweat and Lauren Fendrick to help you have an unforgettable time at the event.

1. Come Prepared for the Beach

When heading to a beach volleyball event, remember to bring your essentials. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. It’s also a good idea to bring a chair and an umbrella, as you might find great matches happening at the outside courts, not just on the center court.

2. Dress Appropriately

Depending on your preferences, both Brooke and Lauren have different suggestions for clothing. Brooke recommends wearing something on your feet, like sandals, to protect your feet from the hot sand. Sunglasses are also a must to shield your eyes from the sun. For guys, board shorts and a shirt are recommended, especially if you’re in a location like California where it can be cool in the morning. On the other hand, Lauren suggests wearing layers, as they can be used for both sun protection and to keep warm if you don’t manage to snag a prime shaded seat.

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3. Engage and Cheer for the Athletes

Professional athletes like Brooke and Lauren appreciate it when fans are engaged and cheer for good plays. If something exciting happens during a match, let your support be heard. It brings joy to the players and creates a fantastic atmosphere. However, be mindful of the appropriate time to ask for autographs. Wait until after the match is over, as the athletes need to focus and prepare beforehand.

4. Respect Boundaries

It’s crucial to respect the athletes’ boundaries when asking for autographs or taking photos. Brooke, in particular, mentions that some fans hand her unique and odd photos to sign, such as shots from behind or ones where her head is not visible. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, it’s best to stick to more standard photos.

5. Take Care of Your Health

Protecting yourself from the sun is vital. Brooke emphasizes the importance of using chapstick to prevent lips from getting fried and blistered. Additionally, don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen regularly. This will help you avoid looking like an “alligator” with skin damage. Hydration is also key. Make sure to drink plenty of water, even when it’s not scorching hot outside.

6. Cheer With Enthusiasm

Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard during matches. Brooke and Lauren encourage fans to be loud and cheer for good plays, regardless of which team makes them. The atmosphere at beach volleyball events is known to be rowdy and energetic, so feel free to express what’s on your mind. Plus, a little friendly heckling is even allowed!

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7. Share Your Experience

If you have the opportunity to take a photo with Brooke or Lauren, don’t forget to tag them on Instagram and Twitter. They love to see and feel the love from their fans. It’s a chance to connect and share your excitement with the athletes directly.

Brooke and Lauren’s Favorite Locations to Play

As a bonus, Brooke and Lauren shared their favorite locations to play beach volleyball. Brooke particularly enjoys Gstaad and Klagenfurt. Gstaad is a charming town in the mountains, situated by a lake where you can enjoy paddleboarding or boating. Klagenfurt offers stand-up paddleboarding on the lake and excellent food, including filet mignon for lunch and mouth-watering molten lava cake. Domestically, both players have a soft spot for Santa Barbara and Hermosa, two California stops that boast fantastic fans and vibrant cities.


Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks to the event?
A: It’s best to check the specific event rules regarding outside food and drinks. Some events may have restrictions, while others may allow outside refreshments.

Q: How early should I arrive at the event?
A: Arriving early is a good idea to secure a spot and avoid missing any action. Check the event schedule for the start time and plan accordingly.

Q: Are there opportunities for autograph sessions with other players?
A: Autograph sessions may be available during the event. Keep an eye on the event schedule for any designated signing sessions.

Q: Can I bring my children to the event?
A: Absolutely! Beach volleyball events are a family-friendly environment, and bringing children can be a great way to introduce them to the sport.

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Q: Is there parking available at the event venue?
A: Event organizers usually provide parking options. Check the event website or contact the organizers for information on parking availability and fees.


Attending a beach volleyball event is an exciting experience that allows you to witness incredible athleticism and feel the energy of the crowd. By following the tips provided by Brooke Sweat and Lauren Fendrick, you can enhance your enjoyment and make the most of your time at the event. Remember to come prepared, dress appropriately, engage with the athletes, and share your experience on social media. Enjoy the matches, cheer loudly, and have a fantastic time embracing the beach volleyball spirit!