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Premier Volleyball League Championship: Team Pineapple and Florida Wave Triumph at USAV Open

ORLANDO, Florida – In a thrilling display of talent and determination, Team Pineapple and the Florida Wave emerged as champions at the 2016 Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Championships held during the USA Volleyball Open National Championships.

Team Pineapple’s Perfect Run

Team Pineapple, led by Jeff Ptak, entered the tournament with high expectations and a target on their backs. Despite the pressure, they delivered a flawless performance, securing the championship title with a remarkable comeback victory against the Great Lakes Lightning. The final set score stood at an impressive 13-25, 26-24, 27-25, 25-23 in favor of Team Pineapple.

Ptak, the star player, expressed his team’s delight at the tournament’s flawless organization and the fantastic support from the crowd. The victory was a testament to their teamwork and dedication.

Eddie Rivera Shines for Team Pineapple

One of the standout performers for Team Pineapple was Eddie Rivera. When the team needed a spark, Rivera delivered with incredible plays, including an ace during the second set and the winning point in the third set. He credited his change in approach to his coach’s advice, pushing him to be more aggressive and take risks.

Fierce Competition from the Great Lakes Lightning

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Although Team Pineapple emerged victorious, the Great Lakes Lightning nearly turned the tables with an impressive display of skill from Steve Hunt, Joseph Klein, and Jamion Hartley. Their solid defense at the net forced Team Pineapple to adapt their offensive strategy and find new shots.

MVP and All-Tournament Team

Jorge Ralat, who joined the match in the second set, orchestrated Team Pineapple’s offense masterfully and earned the MVP title for his performance. Other players who stood out and made it to the All-Tournament team were Ptak, Rivera, Kevin Owens (Team Pineapple), Greg Petty (Great Lakes Lightning), Conor Eaton (Great Lakes Lightning), and Steven Kehoe (Iowa Icemen).

Women’s PVL Final: Florida Wave Surges to Victory

In the Women’s PVL final, the Florida Wave claimed their first PVL championship by sweeping Iowa Ice with scores of 25-20, 29-27, 25-23. Samantha Middleborn, the Florida Wave’s dominant middle blocker, played a crucial role in their success, capitalizing on Iowa’s mistakes and delivering powerful attacks. Nicole Walch led the offense with 11 kills, while Megan Courtney added 10.

The Intense Second Set

During the second set, Iowa Ice held a 24-21 lead, seemingly poised to turn the tide of the match. However, aggressive play from the Florida Wave, combined with some errors from Iowa, allowed Florida to make a comeback and ultimately win the set.

MVP and All-Tournament Team

Megan Courtney was named the tournament MVP for her outstanding performances throughout the competition. She was joined on the All-Tournament team by Walch, Middleborn, Liz McMahon (Florida Wave), Megan Timmins (Iowa Ice), Caitlyn Donahue (Iowa Ice), and Carly Wopat (Chesapeake Rising Tide).

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Exciting Journey to the Finals

To reach the finals, Florida Wave defeated the Great Lakes Lightning in the semifinals, while Iowa Ice triumphed over Chesapeake Rising Tide. The journey to the championship was filled with intense matches and exceptional displays of skill.

Sitting Division Finals

In the Sitting Division finals, the Nebraska High Rollers emerged victorious, defeating The Eh Team. NorCal Sitting secured the bronze medal. The tournament, co-hosted with the Florida Region, showcased 578 teams, including 75 foreign teams, competing on 55 courts.


The 2016 PVL Championships at the USA Volleyball Open National Championships were a true celebration of talent and determination. Both Team Pineapple and the Florida Wave delivered outstanding performances, securing their well-deserved championship titles. The tournament showcased the best of the sport, leaving spectators awe-inspired by the level of skill and the intense competition.