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TAV Dominates GJNC18 with Impressive Wins in Open and USA Divisions

Texas Advantage Volleyball (TAV) showcased their talent close to home at the USA Volleyball Girls 18s Junior National Championships (GJNC18) held in Dallas. TAV 18 Black and TAV 18 Blue, both North Texas teams, claimed victory in the 18 Open Division and 18 USA Division, respectively.

TAV 18 Black Emerges Victorious in the 18 Open Division

TAV 18 Black, ranked seventh in the 48-team Open Division, triumphed over their regional rivals, TIV 18 Asics Black. With a thrilling 25-22, 26-24 victory, TAV 18 Black secured the highly coveted gold medal on their own turf. Jenna Wenaas, the team’s junior player from Liberty High School, was named the most valuable player of the 18 Open Division.

To achieve their hard-fought victory, TAV 18 Black overcame a six-point deficit in the second set, demonstrating their resilience and determination. With their impressive performance, they earned a well-deserved sweep and a remarkable 9-1 record throughout the tournament.

Laguna Beach 18MS Claims Victory in the 18 National Division

Laguna Beach 18MS, starting as the eighth seed, emerged triumphant in the 18 National Division. With a final score of 27-25, 25-22 against Empowered 18 Elite Red, Kendall Kipp led her team to victory with a powerful slam that sealed their undefeated status in the tournament. Despite losing four sets overall, Laguna Beach consistently bounced back from set losses, showcasing their resilience and skill.

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By defeating Five Starz and Springfield 18Blue in the quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively, Laguna Beach secured their spot in the championship match. Kendall Kipp expressed her excitement, describing her journey as a fulfilling experience, playing against some of the top players in the nation.

TAV 18 Blue Triumphs in the 18 USA Division After a Three-Set Battle

TAV 18 Blue demonstrated their prowess in a highly competitive three-set match against VC United 181 Elite to win the 18 USA Division gold medal. Throughout the tournament, TAV 18 Blue faced challenging matches, with five of their nine matches going the distance. Their 9-0 record is a testament to their unwavering determination and skill.

By sweeping The Diff 18 Black in the quarterfinals and making a remarkable comeback against CTV 18 Elite in the semifinals, TAV 18 Blue showcased their ability to overcome tough opponents. Their victory in the championship match was hard-earned and well-deserved.

FORZA1 North 18USA Secures Victory in the 18 American Division

FORZA1 North 18USA, after falling behind in the opening set, fought their way back to defeat Houston Juniors Volleyball 18 Elite and claim the gold medal in the 18 American Division. This victory was especially sweet for FORZA1 North 18USA, as Houston Juniors had been the only team to defeat them in the entire tournament.

With wins against Elevation 18 Dinkelacker in the quarterfinals and Nebraska ONE 18 Titanium in the semifinals, FORZA1 North 18USA displayed their tenacity and skill throughout the competition. Jenna Giambi was named the most valuable player of the 18 American Division, further highlighting the team’s outstanding performance.

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Sunshine 18 South Bay Shines in the 18 Patriot Division

Sunshine 18 South Bay emerged as the champions of the 18 Patriot Division after a thrilling three-set match against Seattle Juniors 18. With a final score of 21-25, 25-10, 16-14, Sunshine 18 South Bay completed their flawless tournament, winning all 11 matches and dropping only two sets in the process.

Their journey to the finals involved victories over Elite VBTC 18 Goree in the quarterfinals and SAVC 18-1 in the semifinals. Sunshine 18 South Bay’s consistent performance and ability to come back from behind ensured their dominance in the 18 Patriot Division.


Q: How did TAV 18 Black secure victory in the 18 Open Division?
A: TAV 18 Black showcased their resilience by overcoming a six-point deficit in the second set, ultimately winning the match and claiming the gold medal.

Q: What made Laguna Beach 18MS stand out in the 18 National Division?
A: Laguna Beach 18MS’s ability to bounce back from set losses and their undefeated record throughout the tournament set them apart from their competitors.

Q: How did TAV 18 Blue triumph in the highly competitive 18 USA Division?
A: TAV 18 Blue’s unwavering determination and ability to triumph in intense matches, including a three-set battle in the championship match, secured their victory.


TAV displayed their dominance at the GJNC18, with TAV 18 Black winning the 18 Open Division and TAV 18 Blue emerging victorious in the 18 USA Division. Laguna Beach 18MS claimed victory in the 18 National Division, while FORZA1 North 18USA secured the gold medal in the 18 American Division. Sunshine 18 South Bay shone bright in the 18 Patriot Division. These exceptional performances demonstrate the talent and resilience of these teams. The GJNC18 was a showcase of the country’s finest young volleyball players and a testament to their skill and dedication to the sport. For more information, visit

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