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TAV 17 Black Secures Victory at GJNC 17 Open Division

The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships (GJNC) took center stage at the Minneapolis Convention Center, showcasing the talent of the oldest age group. Among the highlights was the impressive performance of TAV 17 Black, who clinched the 17 Open title, the top divisional bracket for their age group.

TAV 17 Black: A Triumph of Determination

In a thrilling final match, TAV 17 Black overcame AJV 17 Mizuno to claim the 17 Open title. TAV 17 Black’s journey to victory was marked by an undefeated record in 11 tournament matches, including five wins in the critical third-set tiebreaker. Led by the most valuable player of the 17 Open Division, Adanna Rollins, the team’s experience and cohesion proved instrumental in their success.

A Season of Redemption

For TAV 17 Black, the victory was particularly sweet as it marked the culmination of years of hard work and a quest for gold. After securing bronze in 2016 and falling short of the semifinals in 2015, the team’s determination paid off in Minneapolis. As Rollins expressed, “It meant a lot more because we have been trying since 15s to win this all. We finally got what we wanted.”

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The Path to Success

TAV 17 Black faced tough opposition on their path to the championship match. A hard-fought quarterfinal victory over Aspire 17 Rox and a commanding semifinal win against Texas Tornados 17 Mizuno propelled them forward. Their success can be attributed to the team’s dedication, hard work in the practice gym, and a shared understanding that this could be their last opportunity to play together.

A Thrilling Finals Showdown

Facing Austin Juniors once again, a team they were familiar with, TAV 17 Black overcame their initial apprehension by sticking to their game plan. “We were a little scared about it, but we just told ourselves to buy into the system, work hard, and fight for this,” Rollins explained. Ultimately, their commitment and teamwork secured them the coveted title.

In addition to TAV 17 Black’s victory, the GJNC also saw Mizuno Long Beach 17 Rockstar, Houston Juniors 17 Elite, Northern Lights 17-2, and Zona 17-1 emerge as champions in their respective divisions.


1. How did TAV 17 Black win the 17 Open Division at GJNC?
TAV 17 Black secured the 17 Open Division title by showcasing their skills and determination throughout the tournament. Led by their most valuable player, Adanna Rollins, the team remained undefeated in 11 matches and triumphed in a thrilling final against AJV 17 Mizuno.

2. What challenges did TAV 17 Black face on their path to victory?
TAV 17 Black faced formidable opponents throughout the tournament. They had to overcome tough matches against Aspire 17 Rox and Texas Tornados 17 Mizuno in the quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively, before reaching the championship match.

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3. What made TAV 17 Black’s victory special?
TAV 17 Black’s victory held added significance as it marked the culmination of years of hard work. After previous disappointments, the team’s determination and cohesion finally paid off, earning them the highly coveted 17 Open Division title.


The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships witnessed a thrilling showcase of talent, featuring the oldest age group finals. TAV 17 Black emerged victorious in the 17 Open Division, displaying incredible skill and determination. Led by their most valuable player, Adanna Rollins, the team’s triumph came after years of dedication and a quest for gold. Their undefeated record and stellar performance in critical moments secured their well-deserved victory. The championship’s high level of competition and the teams’ unwavering commitment added to the excitement and spectacle of the event. For more information about TAV 17 Black and their journey to success, visit