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Summer Volleyball Camp Selection

Are you looking to enhance your volleyball skills while having a fun-filled summer? Attending a summer volleyball camp might be the perfect opportunity for you! In just a short amount of time, you can learn a great deal and improve your game. Although the first few days can be challenging for those who are out of shape, the muscle pain will subside, and you’ll find yourself wishing camp wouldn’t end.

However, not all volleyball camps are created equal. Some camps offer a full-day program, providing intense training from morning to night. These “full-service” camps are typically the most rewarding, as they offer a comprehensive learning experience. Imagine spending your days surrounded by fellow volleyball enthusiasts, sharing the joy of learning and improving together. You might even get the chance to have meals with All-Americans or engage in Q&A sessions with experienced coaches.

If you’re looking for more flexibility, there are also night session camps available in certain USA Volleyball (USAV) Regions. These camps offer training five nights a week and are a great option for those with busy daytime schedules. Additionally, USAV occasionally hosts full-day coaching sessions where anyone can participate. For those who are truly dedicated to taking their game to the next level, the National Team Development Program is worth exploring. This program follows the same training methodology and practice plans used by the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams.

The Coaches are Key

When choosing a volleyball camp, it’s crucial to consider the coaches and the drills they utilize. While the reputation of the head coach is important, what truly matters is how the camp is organized. Look for camps that group participants based on skill level, ensuring you train with players who are on a similar playing field. Don’t worry about being placed at the top; the key is to find a group that challenges you and allows for growth.

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Some camps cater specifically to “elite” players, while others focus on developing specific skills such as setting or spiking. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you have the opportunity to work on all aspects of your game. The goal is to maximize your potential and gain experience in all facets of volleyball.

Get the Attention you Deserve

Another crucial factor to consider is the ratio of campers to coaches. To ensure optimal learning, aim for camps with a ratio of no more than 14:1, ideally 12:1. Additionally, it’s important that each group has access to its own full court. This allows for focused training and ensures that you’re not missing out on any aspects of the game.

Equally important is the quality of the coaching staff. Look for camps that bring in coaches from outside the local area or even out-of-state. Coaches with experience and expertise can provide valuable insights and guidance. Avoid camps where players are serving as coaches without proper coaching experience. Teaching at a camp is a unique skill that requires a different approach compared to coaching a team for an entire season. A camp with a dedicated head coach who helps train these novice coaches is a good sign of a well-organized program.

Other Key Services

In addition to coaching, there are other essential services to consider when selecting a volleyball camp. Look for camps that provide a full-time athletic trainer, on-site meal services, and lodging options in close proximity to the training site. Indoor courts are preferable, as they offer a controlled environment for training. While outdoor camps can accommodate more participants, the unpredictable weather may interfere with the learning experience.

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Additional amenities such as a swimming pool can provide a much-needed break from intense training and help alleviate muscle soreness. Film sessions featuring Olympic matches and other audiovisual training aids are also valuable resources. A camp manual tailored to each player is a sign that the camp is committed to supporting your growth even after the program concludes. Items like camp t-shirts or photos may be nice keepsakes but don’t contribute to your skill development.

Finally, beware of camps that prioritize conditioning over skill training. While warm-ups and challenging drills are necessary, camp should primarily focus on honing your skills, not conditioning. You’ll naturally get in shape and build endurance through the hours of skill training each day. If a camp excessively emphasizes running or conditioning exercises, be cautious. It’s best to arrive at camp already in good physical condition.

Before making your final decision, consider using the Summer Camp Rating Form to evaluate and compare different camps. This will help you make an informed choice that aligns with your goals and expectations.


Q: How can I find the right volleyball camp for me?

A: Start by considering your skill level and goals. Look for camps that align with your needs, whether you’re looking for a full-day program, specialized training, or a flexible night session. Research the coaching staff, camp amenities, and participant-to-coach ratio to ensure you’ll receive the attention and guidance you deserve.

Q: What should I prioritize when evaluating volleyball camps?

A: The coaches, training drills, and overall organization of the camp should be your primary focus. Look for camps that group participants by skill level and offer a variety of drills to enhance all aspects of your game. Additionally, consider amenities such as athletic trainers, meal services, and convenient lodging options near the training site.

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Q: Are indoor or outdoor courts better for volleyball camps?

A: While both options have their merits, indoor courts provide a controlled environment that facilitates focused training. Outdoor camps may be able to accommodate more participants, but factors like weather conditions can impact the quality of the training experience.

Q: How important is the participant-to-coach ratio?

A: The participant-to-coach ratio is crucial for individualized attention and skill development. Look for camps with a ratio of no more than 14:1, ideally 12:1. Additionally, ensure that each group has access to its own full court for a more immersive and comprehensive learning experience.


Attending a summer volleyball camp can be a transformative experience for players of all skill levels. These camps offer intensive training, fun-filled moments, and opportunities to learn from experienced coaches. The key to selecting the right camp lies in considering factors such as coaching staff, training drills, participant-to-coach ratio, and additional services provided. By choosing a camp that aligns with your goals and prioritizes skill development, you can maximize your potential and take your game to the next level. So why wait? Start researching and find the perfect volleyball camp for you. Visit for more information and get ready for an unforgettable summer of volleyball!