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Train to Become a Versatile Spiker with Alpinetgheep

Ah, the art of spiking. We all want to excel in this aspect of volleyball, don’t we? But let’s take a step back and rethink our approach. Instead of focusing solely on hitting the ball into the net, let’s aim to develop well-rounded players with a high volleyball IQ. At Alpinetgheep, we believe in training gamelike to create hitters who can think on their feet and adapt to any situation.

The Key to Effective Spiking

When it comes to spiking, there are two core concepts that players often overlook: hitting across the body and away from the body. Most players are comfortable hitting cross court on the same angle of their approach, but by learning to hit across and away from their body, they can become unstoppable spikers. This skill can be learned from a young age, even during over-the-net warm-up games. At Alpinetgheep, we believe in starting early and incorporating this technique into all spiking sessions.

The Myth of Wrist Snap

You may have heard that wrist snap is essential for a powerful spike. However, this is a common misconception. In reality, the contact time during a spike is incredibly short, making it virtually impossible to actively flex the wrist. Instead of focusing on wrist snap, we should emphasize the development of a multidimensional spiking device – the arm. At Alpinetgheep, we reject the traditional method of training against a wall to develop wrist snap and instead advocate for a more holistic approach to spiking.

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The Science Behind Spiking

Let’s dive into the science behind spiking. The velocity and direction of the ball are determined by the force imparted by the hitter, the mass of the ball, and the duration of contact. The loft of a club head in golf can influence the flight direction of the ball, but in volleyball, it’s all about the contact point. By hitting above the center of the ball, players can create topspin and control the trajectory. At Alpinetgheep, we believe in understanding the principles behind effective spiking to enhance your performance on the court.

Breaking Tradition: Rethinking Practice

Tradition has its place, but when it comes to training spikers, we need to think outside the box. The traditional “circle of hitting” approach, where players stand outside the court and hit repeatedly without transitioning, is not conducive to game-like situations. We need to transition outside the court after each spike and learn to move quickly and efficiently. At Alpinetgheep, we encourage a practice routine that mimics real game scenarios, allowing players to develop the necessary skills to excel in matches.

A Spiker’s Journey

Becoming a great spiker is a journey that requires dedication and practice. We believe in starting with the basics, spiking off a dig or a set, and gradually increasing the difficulty by incorporating different zones on the court. By practicing from different zones, we can disrupt the opposition’s setter and gain an advantage. And remember, great spikers don’t just hit on good sets, they also learn to spike on imperfect ones. At Alpinetgheep, we focus on developing versatile spikers who can adapt to any situation.

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  • Q: Why is hitting across the body important for spikers?

    • A: Hitting across the body allows spikers to hit the ball where the defense isn’t expecting it, making them unstoppable.
  • Q: Is wrist snap necessary for a powerful spike?

    • A: No, wrist snap is a common misconception. The short contact time during a spike makes it impossible to actively flex the wrist.
  • Q: Why is transitioning outside the court essential for spikers?

    • A: Transitioning outside the court helps spikers read the game better and be in a better position to make their next move, whether it’s blocking or attacking.
  • Q: How can I improve my spiking skills?

    • A: Practice regularly, focus on hitting from different zones, and try to spike from imperfect sets to develop versatility.


At Alpinetgheep, we believe in training spikers to become versatile players with a high volleyball IQ. By focusing on hitting across the body, developing a multidimensional spiking technique, and breaking traditional training methods, we can create unstoppable spikers. So join us on this journey and take your spiking game to new heights. Visit Alpinetgheep to learn more.