Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Steady Improvement for CNT Japan During Doubleheader

The U.S. Collegiate National Team – Japan (CNT Japan) recently faced off against Japan’s World University Games (WUG) team in two exciting matches. Despite mixed results, head coach Heather Olmstead was pleased with the team’s progress throughout the day.

Impressive Performance in Serving and Passing

During the matches, CNT Japan showcased their skills in serving and passing. They served tough and consistently, putting pressure on the opponent. The team’s improved passing was evident, with CC McGraw taking charge and guiding the passers effectively.

Positive Feedback from Players

Middle hitter Katie Myers echoed her coach’s sentiment, stating that the team’s performance was impressive. They showed resilience, improved their passing, and developed better teamwork.

Morning Match Recap

In the morning matchup, CNT Japan started strong and won the first set with a score of 23-25. However, Japan WUG fought back to win the next two sets, securing the overall victory. CNT Japan continued to dominate at the net, tallying 13 blocks compared to Japan WUG’s three. Lauren Forte and Dani Drews led the team with three blocks each.

Second Match Highlights

The second match was even more closely contested. Both teams won two sets, with CNT Japan narrowly edging out Japan WUG with a total of 93 points against 91. The American block was particularly impressive, winning the category 20-4. Katie Myers stood out with four blocks, while Heather Gneiting and Brooke Botkin contributed three each.

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Positive Developments in Team Chemistry

Throughout the matches, CNT Japan grew more familiar with Japan WUG’s playing style. They adjusted quickly and adapted their strategies accordingly, showcasing their ability to analyze opponents and make necessary changes on the fly.

Look Ahead

The two teams enjoyed a dinner together, fostering camaraderie between them. This won’t be the last meeting between CNT Japan and Japan WUG, as they are set to play another three-set match on May 25.


Q: How did CNT Japan perform in serving and passing?
A: CNT Japan served tough and consistently, putting pressure on the opponent. They also showcased improved passing skills.

Q: Who stood out in terms of blocks for CNT Japan?
A: Katie Myers led the team with four blocks, while Heather Gneiting and Brooke Botkin contributed three each.


Despite the mixed results from the doubleheader, CNT Japan demonstrated steady improvement throughout the matches. Their strong serving, impressive blocking, and improved team chemistry bode well for future matchups. Stay tuned for more updates on CNT Japan’s journey.