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Stanford Freshmen Starters Thrive in High Performance Pipeline

Stanford University has found great success in the 2016 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship, largely due to the contributions of their freshman class. This group of talented players, including four starters, has been instrumental in the team’s journey to the championship match against the University of Texas.

The Stanford freshmen have honed their skills through USA Volleyball’s High Performance pipeline, which has provided them with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the sport. One standout player, outside hitter Kathyrn Plummer, has not only excelled in the indoor game but also in beach volleyball, becoming the only age-group player to win FIVB World Championship medals in both disciplines in the same year.

Plummer credits her experience with USA Volleyball High Performance for elevating her game to an international level. The rigorous competition and comprehensive skill development have prepared her well for the collegiate stage. This sentiment is echoed by her teammate, Audriana Fitzmorris, who has also benefited from her time in the High Performance pipeline.

Fitzmorris, a middle blocker, has had remarkable success even before joining the Stanford team. She was selected to the top U.S. Collegiate National Team and earned gold with the U.S. Women’s Junior National Team at the European Challenge. Her time in the High Performance program has been invaluable in her growth as a player and as an individual, exposing her to diverse experiences and helping her embrace adversity.

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In addition to Plummer and Fitzmorris, two other freshmen have made significant contributions to Stanford’s success. Libero Morgan Hentz, who was part of Team USA at the FIVB Women’s U18 World Championship, has been a defensive force for the Cardinal. Setter Jenna Gray, while lacking High Performance pipeline experience, has showcased her talent as the primary setter, drawing on her impressive high school career.

It is worth noting that the influence of the USA Volleyball High Performance program extends beyond the freshman class. Senior middle Inky Ajanaku, sophomore Hayley Hodson, senior setter Kelsey Humphreys, and junior opposite Merete Lutz have all been part of the program and have made substantial contributions to the team.

In the championship match, Stanford will face a Texas squad with five players who have also gone through the High Performance pipeline. Ebony Nwanebu, junior outside hitter, has already represented the U.S. Women’s National Team and has had international success. Cat McCoy, a junior libero, has won gold with the U.S. Women’s Junior National Team. The Longhorns also boast two talented setters with High Performance experience, Nicole Dalton and Chloe Collins.

The matchup between Stanford and Texas promises to be a showcase of the talent that has emerged from the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline. It is a testament to the effectiveness of the program in developing top-tier athletes who can compete at the highest level.


Q: What is the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline?
A: The USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline is a program that provides young volleyball players with opportunities to develop their skills and compete at a higher level. It offers comprehensive training and exposure to international competition, preparing athletes for success in college and beyond.

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Q: How has the High Performance pipeline helped Stanford’s freshmen players?
A: The High Performance pipeline has played a crucial role in the development of Stanford’s freshmen players. It has provided them with top-notch coaching, rigorous competition, and invaluable experiences in international settings. These experiences have elevated their game and prepared them well for the challenges of collegiate volleyball.


Stanford University’s freshman class has been a driving force behind the team’s success in the 2016 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship. These talented players have benefited greatly from their participation in the USA Volleyball High Performance pipeline, which has equipped them with the skills and experience necessary to excel at the collegiate level. The contributions of these freshmen, alongside the support of other High Performance program alumni, have positioned Stanford as a formidable contender in the championship match against the University of Texas. The impact of the High Performance program on both teams highlights its effectiveness in fostering the development of elite volleyball players. For more information and to follow the championship match, visit the Alpinetgheep.com website.