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Spiker Huntington Beach Wins Club Championship at the 2023 U.S. Beach Club Championship

Thirty-one teams recently competed in the 2023 U.S. Beach Club Championship, with Spiker Huntington Beach emerging as the Club Champion. This exciting event took place in Hermosa Beach, Calif., and marked the second year of the tournament. Organized by USA Volleyball and the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), the championship showcased the best U.S. beach volleyball clubs across four age groups: girls 14U, 16U, and 18U, as well as boys 14U.

Boys 14U

In the boys 14U division, four clubs battled it out on the sand: Rockstar, Balboa Bay, SVC Quicksilver, and Evolution. Each club fielded three pairs to represent them. Rockstar emerged as the dominant force, sweeping Evolution in the duel portion of the event. SCVC also put up a strong fight, defeating Balboa Bay 2-1.

The gold medal matches were intense, with Rockstar’s Elogious Holder and Logan Flores defeating SCVC’s Julian Lee and Enzo Longhi. Another Rockstar pairing, Brady Gonnerman and Noah Gan, triumphed over Tullan Portock and Jaime Vega. Rockstar’s final duo, Jake Gaines and Nicolas Brazao, battled it out against SCVC’s Sai Santiago and Joseph Rogers, ultimately securing a hard-fought victory.

Girls 14U

The girls 14U category saw fierce competition as well. Spiker Beach Red overcame One Beach to advance to the semifinals, where they faced off against Spiker Beach Black. Golden Gate Gold and 692West also fought hard, but it was Madsand who emerged as the other finalist.

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In the thrilling final matches, Spiker’s Ella Olson and Zoe Znider defeated Madsand’s Gentry Barker and Sophee Peterson. Janie McCanna and Gabriella Souza secured victory for Spiker against Madsand’s London Merchant and Lyla Paulsen. The sweep was completed by Simrin Adams and Marley Robinson of Spiker Beach.

Girls 16U

Spiker Beach Black made a strong start in the girls 16U division, defeating Silver Beach in the quarterfinals. However, they faced a tough challenge in MBsand Black, who overcame them in the semis. 210 Beach and One Beach also showcased their skills, but it was Madsand who secured their place in the final round.

In a thrilling gold medal match, Madsand’s Mallory LaBreche and Molly LaBreche battled against Scribner and Brewer from MBsand Black. Despite the fierce competition, LaBreche and LaBreche emerged victorious. Jessie Dueck and Sara Moynihan also contributed to MBsand’s success, defeating Capri Romjue and Georgia Whann. Caroline Mackechnie and Avery Towne sealed the win for MBsand against Keira Gallegos and Elizabeth Selinger from Madsand.

Girls 18U

The girls 18U division featured a five-pair format, with teams from MBsand, 210 Beach, Spiker, and Madsand competing. MBsand Blue demonstrated their dominance by winning all five semifinal matches against 210 Beach. The final duel for gold remained undecided as Madsand led 2-1 over Spiker after three matches.

Spiker’s Megan Freck and Sammy Wood staged an incredible comeback, defeating Madsand’s Kastyn Hoffman and Madelynn Hokanson to level the score at 2-2. Giselle Gallegos and Milan Ray from Spiker took the decider match, winning a thrilling three-set battle.

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In the final, MBsand’s Elise Lenahan and Isabella Adishian secured a vital victory against Summer Witherby and Danielle Sparks from Spiker. Ingrid Timon-Johnson and Julia Waugh also contributed to MBsand’s success, defeating Giselle Gallegos and Milan Ray. The final match saw Meagan O’Leary and Grace Goudy triumph over Sammy Wood and Megan Freck, solidifying MBsand Blue’s win.

After an intense competition, MBsand Blue emerged as the Girls 18U division winner, defeating Spiker Beach Black. In the bronze match, Madsand secured third place by defeating 210 Beach.

Q: How many teams competed in the 2023 U.S. Beach Club Championship?
A: Thirty-one teams competed in the tournament.

Q: Which organizations are involved in organizing the U.S. Beach Club Championship?
A: The U.S. Beach Club Championship is a joint venture between USA Volleyball and the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP).

Q: Which age groups participated in the championship?
A: The championship featured four age groups: girls 14U, 16U, and 18U, as well as boys 14U.

Q: What is the format of the girls 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions?
A: The girls 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions followed a three-pair format, with each club represented by multiple pairings.

Q: Who won the Boys 14U division at the 2023 U.S. Beach Club Championship?
A: Rockstar emerged as the champion of the Boys 14U division.

Q: Which club won the overall Club Championship at the 2023 U.S. Beach Club Championship?
A: Spiker Huntington Beach claimed the Club Championship title.

The 2023 U.S. Beach Club Championship showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition across multiple age groups. Spiker Huntington Beach’s victory in the Club Championship highlighted their skill and determination. The event served as a testament to the growing popularity and quality of beach volleyball in the United States. With talented young players pushing the boundaries of the sport, the future of beach volleyball looks bright. Visit Alpinetgheep for more information on the world of beach volleyball.

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